QTP 4x6

Quick Terminal Panel - 24 keys max.

QTP 4x6 - View of the availables models

QTP 4x6 English Tech. Manual PDF format.

Ver.5.10 - Rel. 27 March 2003.



QTP 4x6 is a complete low cost operator panel with small overall dimension, specifically designed for industrial use and for direct mounting on automatic machinery. It is, in every respect, video terminals suitable to be the direct interface between operator and machinery in any of the control or comand operations which could be necessary during running or diagnostic of the same.

The picture shows the card QTP 4x6-C4.

QTP 4x6 is available with Alphanumeric Fluorescent or LCD Displays, backlite and with 20 characters for 2 or 4 lines or with 40 characters for 2 lines. QTP 4x6 is directly connected with the display, so it has an overall frontal dimension equal to the selected display used for visualization. For the mechanic fixing the user must use the onboard displays holes.

The picture shows the card QTP 4x6 without display.

QTP 4x6 is really usefull in all those applications where the user must visualize some messages and must manage not more than 24 Keys. QTP 4x6 allows, with its EEPROM, the capability to store up to 97 messages. These messages can be recalled by dedicated commands received through the serial line and visualizated on the display. With this feature the CPU work-time and the program space are optimized, in fact messages must not be sent to the panel every time, they are just stored inside on board EEPROM. Furthermore it is possible to get messages back through the serial line and read them again so QTP 4x6 can be used as mass memory where the user can save and read set-up informations, passwords, identification codes, etc. The horizontal scrolling attribute for the saved messages, let the user display more information on less space: on the first row of the display up to 200 characters can be shown in a self managed sliding modality.

Optional front panel of QTP 72144.

The module's serial line can be buffered with the most frequently used electric protocols and thanks to this feature the QTP 4x6 can be connected to each systems available on the market and moreover low cost networks can be realized where up to 256 different units can be contemporaneously managed.

Housing QTP 72144 or QTP 96192.

Some models of QTP 4x6 can be inserted in the proper container QTP 72144 or QTP 96192 obtaining an enclosed product that have a protected front side and back openings for connections and that can be easily mounted in front panel modality.

Features of QTP 4x6 are as follows:

The maximum dimension of QTP PCK are reported in the following figure; to obtain complete mounting quotes please refer to user manual.

The QTP 4x6 is able to execute an entire range of display commands, as clear screen, cursor position, etc., with code compatibility to ADDS View-Point standard and moreover it recognizes and execute many other commands, as described in the following table:

QTP 4x6

 C O M M A N D








 Cursor Left




 Cursor Right




 Cursor Down




 Cursor Up




 Carriage Return




Carriage Return + Line Feed




 Absolute Cursor Position

 27 89 r c

 1B 59 r c







 Clear Page




 Clear Line




 Clear End of Line

 27 75

 1B 4B


 Clear End of Page

 27 107

 1B 6B

 ESC k

 Cursor Off

 27 80

 1B 50


Steady Cursor On

 27 79

 1B 4F


 Blinking block cursor on

 27 81

 1B 51






 Reading of Version Number

 27 86

 1B 56


 Operating Mode Selection

27 65 mode 

1B 41 mode 

ESC A ASCII(mode) 

 Request for EEPROM Writing

 27 51

 1B 33

 ESC 3

 Writing of Presence Byte

 27 33 78 byte

 1B 21 4E byte

 ESC ! N ASCII(byte)

 Reading of Presence Byte

 27 33 110

 1B 21 6E

 ESC ! n

 Key code reconfiguration

27 55 key n. code

 1B 37 key n. code

ESC 7 ASCII(key n.) ASCII(code)

Keyclick ON without Memorization

 27 53

 1B 35

ESC 5 

Keyclick OFF without Memorization

 27 54

 1B 36

 ESC 6

Keyclick ON with Memorization

 27 33 53

 1B 21 35

ESC ! 5 

Keyclick OFF with Memorization

 27 33 54

 1B 21 36

 ESC ! 6

 Definition of User Character

 27 66 n.chr

 1B 42 nc.hr

 ESC B ASCII(n.chr)

 Definition and Memorization
of User Character

 27 33 66 n.chr

 1B 21 42 n.chr

 ESC ! B ASCII(n.chr)

 Reading of max Message Number

 27 110

 1B 6E

 ESC n

Message Storage

 27 33 67
n. mess.
chr.0 ... chr.19

 1B 21 43
n. mess.
chr.0 ... chr.13

 ESC ! ASCII(n. mes.) ASCII(chr.0) ... ASCII(chr.19)

Message Reading

 27 33 69
n. mess.

 1B 21 45 n. mess.

 ESC ! E ASCII(n. mess. )

Visualization of "n" Messages

 27 33 68
n. mess. n

 1B 21 44
n. mess. n

 ESC ! D ASCII(n. mess. ) ASCII(n)

Scrolling Messages visualization

 27 33 83
n mess n.car.

 1B 21 53
n mess n.car.

 ESC ! S ASCII(n mess) ASCII(n.car.)




Connector KIT Set, 16 pins

16 Female pins + AMP plastic housing for QTP_4x6, etc..


 AMP16 Cable

AMP Cable Connector, 16 pins

1 m cable with 16 pins female AMP connector for QTP_4x6, etc..

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