QTP Editor

Editor - Screen Simulator for QTP user interfaces

QTP Editor is a software package for Windows 9x that allows to create text screenshots for the video terminals of QTP family, simulate the final look of the screenshot according to the selected display and upload the text to the terminal itself through the PC serial port. The screenshots will be stored in the QTP non-volatile memory as 20 characters long messages that the User application program shall recall using the proper QTP commands.


QTP Editor is provided with an high level graphic interface featuring pull-down menus, buttons, pop-up menus, icons, etc. that let access the program functions in an easy and intuitive way; this features allow also unexperienced people to use immediatly the program with profit.


Basically QTP Editor is made of three components: Editor, Simulator and Communication interface. The Editor allows to create the 20 characters long messages using also the cut and paste functions; once created the messages can be printed and saved to/loaded from disk. The Simulator is provided with a window that shows the look the message will have on the QTP display; it is possible to display several messages, turn on, off and place the cursor to a seleted position, clear the display, activate a sliding message and simulate the messages management matched to the Opto-Coupled inputs (featured by QTP16). The Communication interface, then, allows to upload to and download from the terminal all the messages; also master-slave protocol and RS 422 or RS 485 (standard or IBC 01) are available for communication.

A QTP Editor User can take advantage of several characteristics implemented to simplify the development of the application program, as described here:


Download the QTP EDIT (QTP_Edit_Install.exe, 584 KByte)


The main features of QTP Editor are:


QTP Editor requires the following structures to work properly:

A PC provided with:

- A QTP video terminal (optional):

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