CPU Cards

For a faster research of the CPU card you judge more suitable for your application, it is possible to consult tables which contain technical peculiarity of each CPU card. In order to make this research easier, CPU cards are grouped per size.

There are 5 tables which group these family size.

Mounting on DIN Rails. (ZBR-84 + GPC®-554)

Software Solutions

Please consult the following table for a faster research of the available Languages (BASIC, C, PASCAL, ASSEMBLER, etc.) for the different CPUs.

Digital I/O Cards

Mounting on DIN Rails (ZBT-x88 + GPC®-184)

Mounting on DIN Rails (ZBR-246 + GPC®-883) - - - - - - - - - (ZBR-246 + GPC®-184)

AXIS I/O Cards

Analog I/O Cards

Motherboard and Abaco® BUS

Communication Card

QTP Table for Operators Panel

Mounting on Omega DIN Rail. (ZBR-246 + GPC®-184)

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