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The picture on the left shows a QTP03-C4 and a QTP03-C4 BIG, while, on the right it is shown a QTP96192 container equipped with a QTP 03-C4 BIG having three selecting touches .

QTP Show Program

This document is a short guide for QTP Show program and supply all necessary information to correctly use QTP in a short time.

Quick Terminal Panel are useful operator interfaces always provided of display, keyboard and many other interesting features that change according with selected model. Possible application for QTP are really numerous and range from industrial machineries, home automation, test systems, information panels, points of sale, accesses control, hobbies, etc.

Complete documentation, other demo and utility programs for QTP are available on grifo® CD ROM, by following the next ways:

Manuals: Link: English | PDF Manuals | 28 ­ QTP Operator Panels

URL address: <drive>:/GRIFO_WE/GRIFO/TESTO/UK_PDF.HTM#anchor585667

Utilities: Link: English | QTP | QTP Editor

URL address: <drive>:/Cd_grifo/Qtp/QTP_Edit/Disco1/SETUP.EXE

Programs: Link: English | Examples Tables | QTP and Didactic examples

URL address: <drive> F:\HTM_CD\UK_T_QTP.HTM

Updated information and user's manuals can be found directly on grifo® web site:




The QTP requirements to correctly use QTP Show program are:

- a 20x4 display;
- a proper power supply that provide the QTP supply voltage.
- a keyboard.

QTP Show is a very simple program that shows common features of the QTP by using a standard PC, with the following requirements:

- Operating system: Windows 95, 98, NT, ME, 2000, XP.
- Net Framework (if not installed the QTP Show installer program will download and install this software tools directly from Microsoft web site.
- Mouse.
- 1 Mbyte free hard disk space.
- 64 Mbyte of RAM.
- One free RS 232 COM line.

To correctly start the QTP use together with QTP Show program, please perform the following steps:

1) Istall QTP Show program on the selected PC by using received files: it is sufficient to run Setup.exe program and then follow the illustrated indication to select for example a proper instalation folder.
QTP Show need NET Framework software tools, so if it is not available the installer will try and sugest to download and install tthe tools: please do it or the installation process will be aborted.

2) Connect the free PC serial line to QTP serial line: remind that when QTP has DB9 connector a null modem cable (as CCR 9+9R) must be used.

3) Connect power supply to QTP by using proper connector or cable: be carefull in fact required voltage changes according to selected model.

4) Ensures that QTP has default settings (19200 Baud, 1 stop, Keyclick on, Normal communication): this are defined through local set up and when QTP is delivered by grifo® , they are already set.

5) Supply power and check that cursor appear on QTP display.

6) Start QTP Show program installed at point 1.

7) Select the free PC serial line connected to QTP, through "New setting" push button and check that Baud rate = 19200, Stop Bit = 1.

8) Press "Start show" button and check program functionality on QTP.

9) At this point 9 different groups of operations are performed, each one with a different effects on QTP. Please let the program complete the execution of all the 9 groups and then it is possible to stop execution to read the information with more time, repeat the execution of some groups by moving the horizontal scroll bar, etc.

10) Exit by QTP Show program, by selecting proper options from "File" menu.

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