Containers for QTP 03 QTP 4x6

In case the application requires an envelope for Open-Frame Operator Pannels, like QTP 03 or QTP 4x6, grifo® has created the specific container. There frames feature a standard frontal size for DIN 72x144 mm and for DIN 96x192 mm. Front panel, in alluminium, is already provided with holes to insert 3 keys. The holes are protected by a frontal mask made in Polyester. It is enough to make holes in the Polyester mask to access the holes for the keys.

Container QTO 72144 - Size DIN 72x144 mm. Depth 48 mm.

Container QTO 96192 - Size DIN 96x192 mm. Depth 48 mm.

Page up-dated at February 11, 2005

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