This serie of boards allows to inteface a common P.C., provided with ISA BUS connectors or BUS 104 models, to the cards of the wide grifo® serie letting the User take advantage immediately of their features. Module PCC A26 is designed to drive boards provided with ABACO® I/O BUS directly through the Centronics port of any P.C. Also in this latter case, thanks to the software tools available with the boards, applications can be written using High-Level P.C. languages.AAB 01 Abaco® Adapter BUS. Interf. buffer per BUS Abaco®, abb. PCA 01


PC-Centronics -> Abaco® I/O BUS Adapter (ABB 05, ZBR xxx, etc.)


AAB 01

Abaco® Adapter BUS

Interf. buffer per BUS Abaco®, witch PCA 01

AAB 64

Abaco® Adapter BUS. Int. 64 bytes 256 pages , witch. PCA 01


ABC 104

Abaco® Bridge Card 104. For PC 104 cards


 PCA 01

PC -> Abaco® BUS Adapter witch AAB 01 and AAB 64

Last Up-dated at March 12 2018

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