ABB 05

Abaco® BLOCK BUS, 5 slots + Power supply

ABB 05 English Tech. Manual PDF format.

Ver.5.20 - Rel.. 14 February 2001.

ABB 05 with plastic mount for connection to Omega rails

The ABB 05 card belongs to the BLOCK modules serie having hooks for Omega rails. This card is equipped with: 5 slots motherboard section for Abaco® BUS; double power supply section both for CPU and I/O optocoupled sections of those cards mounted on slots; 26 pins expansion connector for Abaco® I/O BUS; rails, housing equipped with hooks for rails which are into electrical panels.

The use of ABB 05 module allows to put the complete control unit into the electrical panel without being obliged to use a structure like 3HE Rack. This solution means cheaper costs for the entire economy of the equipment and remarkable practicity of use. In addition to that having two power supply sections on board, it reduce to the minimum mistakes in wires connection and allows further optimization in costs and surface otherwise not possible with different solutions.

An additional important feature to the above mentioned 5 slots for Abaco® BUS is a 26 pins connector for Abaco® I/O BUS placed on the external side of the card which allows the immediate interface to any of the CPU cards equipped with this expansion i.e GPC® 15R, GPC® 113, GPC® 153, GPC® 183, GPC® 323, GPC® 553, GPC® 114, GPC® 154, GPC® 184, GPC® 324, GPC® 554, and so on.

Through the 26 pins connector the ABB 05 card supplies the power to the external CPU and it is possible to put the ABB 05 and the external CPU on the same housing for rails obtaining, in this way, a compact unit.

A selected power supply section supplies 24Vdc suitable for supplying the optocoupled section of the input modules , if any. The line that generates + 5Vdc and the line that generates 24Vdc are,bewteen them, galvanically optocoupled.

The ABB 05 card offers the possibility to implement a small electronic unit without adding anything else but the cards suitable for the application.

Data Sheet ABB 05, Rel. 96.7

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