Abaco® I/O BUS

Abaco® I/O BUS is a low cost system for expanding the CPU cards resources of Abaco® family. This BUS is located on a 26 pins connector along with power supplies (See the Application Note). This kind of BUS has been mainly designed for managing the I/O resources in a addressing field of 256 Bytes max. By means of this simple BUS it is possible to get ready control structures by connecting the peripheral BLOCK cards for DIN rails.
By using ABB05 or ABB03 cards it is also possible to have Abaco® I/O BUS connected to the Single Europe Size cards. When PCC A26 card is used, it is possible to drive the Abaco® I/O BUS through a standard PC by using the Centronics interface of which it is equipped with.


D0 >----------1--> O O <--2----------< D1

D2 >----------3--> O O <--4----------< D3

D4 >----------5--> O O <--6----------< D5

D6 >----------7--> O O <--8----------< D7

A0 >----------9--> O O <--10---------< A1

A2 >--------11--> O O <--12--------< A3

A4 >--------13--> O O <--14--------< A5

A6 >--------15--> O O <--16--------< A7

/WR >--------17--> O O <--17---------< /RD

/IORQ >---------19--> O O <--20-------< /RESET

/ECS1 >--------21--> O O <--22-------< /ECS2

/INT >----------23--> O O <--24--------< /NMI

GND >--------25--> O O <--26---------< Vcc

Signals on the 26 pins connector for Abaco® I/O BUS



Schema a Blocchi dell'Abaco® I/O BUS

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