P. C. Centronics <-> Abaco® I/O BUS Adapter

The interface PCC A26 is an intresting module that performs a conversion between two standards: the Centronics, used to drive parallel printers on every Personal Computer, an the ABACO® I/O BUS, an 8 bits industrial BUS developed by grifo®.

Through PCC A26 a common P.C. becomes capable to command a wide serie of peripheral boards designed to solve industrial problems like Axis control, Temperatures control, Acquisition and generation of analog signals, management of buffered and non-buffered digital I/O's, etc. Modularity of grifo® boards allows to make systems of small, average and great complexity, that can be expanded or even downsized without any modification to the working structures already built and making the User always able to take advantage of the several and comfortable programming tools every P.C. has.

Installing the interface is a very quick procedure, in fact the interface can be connected directly to the P.C. through the 25-pins connector commonly used to connect the printer or through an extension that allows to keep the P.C. away from the electronics; connecting to the grifo® boards is as easy, in fact it is enough to use one 26-pins flat cable.

Software management of PCC A26 is easier thanks to several libraries and correlated demonstration programs available for the most common programming languages (QUICK BASIC, VISUAL BASIC, Borland C, Borland Pascal, etc.). These libraries give to the User new commands that allow to initialize the PCC A26 for use with one of the P.C. parallel ports, to perform input and output operations to one of the 256 ABACO® I/O BUS addresses and to manage an interrupt.

Data Sheet PCC A26, Rel. 98.5

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