GMM F346

grifo® Mini Module Silicon Laboratories C8051F346

It Doesn't Need Programmer.

Just the Serial Line.

The picture shows GMM F346 that has the dimension of DIP28 integrated circuit. The GMM F346 is equipped with Silicon Laboratories C8051F346 microcontroller.

GMM F346 English Tech. Manual PDF format.

Ver. xxx - Rel. xxx.

GMB HR84 + GMM F346 English Tech. Manual PDF format.

Ver. 5.00 - Rel. 13 September 2011

GMM F346 possible applications

  • Integrated system that can be used directly on the board developed by the user, as a macro component.
  • Smart intelligent nodes with local functionalities as PID algorithms for controlling temperatures, motors, valves, etc.
  • Teleacquisition and telecontrol on medium and low distances.
  • Home automation: lights turning ON/OFF, heating and cooling systems control, supervision of electric devices, security and acces control systems.
  • Car automation: lights turning ON/OFF, heating and cooling systems control, supervision of electric devices, anti-teft and acces control systems, functionality checks.
  • Didactics: GMM F346 offers a very low cost to learn 8051 Core, we have many starter kits options. For this purpose it is likewise interesting the CAN GMT or GMM TST3 support card.
  • Whenever there is a short time to market: the user can see a prototype or even a ready product in one week.
  • Decentralized systems as robots, automation of production line machines, big factory automations.
  • Programmable peripherals with USB, connection suitable, as an example, for a direct connection to PC.
  • Converter for different serial communication protocols.


  • Standard container with 28 pin male socket, dual in line, 100 mils pitch, 600 mils width.
  • Very small dimension: 20,7 x 41,2 x 15,9 mm.
  • Weight: 11,0 g.
  • 4 layers printed circuit to obtain best noisy resistance and best EMI performance.
  • No external programmer is needed as GMM F346 is a grifo® ISP (In System Programming) Mini Module. The FLASH on Micro is Programmable and Erasable by using RS 232 or USB serial line only.
  • Single power supply required +5Vdc 32mA.
  • Availability of power saving setting as idle mode and stop mode.
  • Silicon Laboratories C8051F346 Microcontroller (8051 code compatibile) at 25 Mips.
  • 64 KByte FLASH for code.
  • 4.25 KByte RAM for data.
  • 8 Reset sources; all them can be enabled and checked by firmware.
  • Up to 21 A/D Converter channels with 10 bits resolution, 200 Ksps.
  • Selectable A/D reference voltage between Internal and External..
  • Built-in Temperature sensor.
  • Up to " analog Comparators with inputs, outputs and functionalities defined by firmware.
  • 16 interrupt sources with 2 priority levels.
  • 4 Timers Counters up to 16 bits, with different operation madilities.
  • 16 bits PCA section, complete of 5 channels with PWM, compare, capture, etc. functionality.
  • Watch Dog section, with programmable activation and intervent time, that protect the controlled system in any operating condition.
  • Up to 23 digital I/O lines available on connector. Some of these lines have multiple functions.
  • Hardware Serial Line with programmable Baud Rate up to 115200 Baud, RS 232 buffered or at TTL level.
  • 3 Jumpers select the electric protocol of serial line.
  • Transceiver MAX3222E, for RS 232 serial line, with ESD protection up to ±15KV.
  • USB comunication line, compatible with 2.0 standard, either Full speed (12 Mbps) or low speed (1.5 Mbps).
  • USB line protected by TransZorb.
  • 1 KByte memory buffer dedicated to USB.
  • SPI hardware interface, available on connector, capable to work with 3 or 4 wires.
  • I2C BUS hardware interface, available on connector.
  • Efficient and versatile Crossbar section that allows to route the signals of described peripheral devices to Mini Module pins, by firmware.
  • 1 Configuration input readable by firmware.
  • Status LED managed by firmware through one digital I/O line.
  • Real Time Clock Ramtron FM 3130 with: .
    • integrated 64 KBytes FRAM,
    • driven by I2C BUS line,
    • lithium battery,
    • management of date and time,
    • possibility to generate programmable interrupts.
  • Both the FRAM and a FLASH area can be used to mantain saved data even when there isn't power supply voltage; this replace an EEPROM in a more comfortable mode.
  • Wide range of development tools as: Assembler (MCA51, A51, SXA51); C Compilers (SYS51CW, uC/51, SDCC); BASIC Compiler (BASCOM 8051); PASCAL Compiler (SYS51PW); Contacts Logic (LadderWORK), etc.
  • Possibility to program the user code, generated by selected development tools, inside the internal FLASH, through I51 Bootloader Grifo®.
  • The I51 Bootloader Grifo®.allows to program the user firmware through In System Programming, that is when the module is already mounted. It interacts with a specific program for PC, by using a serial communication line (RS 232 or USB) and a little amount of memory resources.
  • 512 Bytes of FLASH can be used, through I51 Bootloader Grifo® for user Data and user Parameters saving, completely separated from code.
  • The PC software, that supports the ISP programming is freeware and it can be easily integrated inside the selected tools, in order to reduce developing time.
  • Long list of demo programs and use examples supplied under source form, duly remarked, for the available development tools.

The picture shows the CPU Block Diagram of grifo® Mini Module type GMM F346

The picture shows the test card GMM TST3 that mount a grifo® Mini Module type GMM F346


The picture shows the test card CAN GMT that mount a grifo® Mini Module type GMM F346


The pictures show grifo® Mini BLOCK GMB-HR84 that mount a grifo® Mini Module type GMM F346


GAB H844 open frame with 28 pin GMM F346 Mini Module mounted.

I51 Bootloader program for grifo® Mini Module GMM F346 type. It allows to write the PROGRAM and DATA memory available on Mini Module, through RS 232 or USB serial line of PC.

Silicon Laboratories - USB Debug Adapter.



SL_DATA (Technical Sheet) - GAB H844 and S-LOG create a Data Logger that acquires both Analog and Digital lines from the field and stores data and time on a Secure Digital card.


 A C C E S S O R I E S


GMB- Housing, 8 Opto-In, 4 Relay

Housing Mini BLOCK Module witch 8 Opto-In and 4 Relay Outputs; Serial Line RS232 or TTL, RS422/485, Current Loop, CAN; Power Supply.

GAB H844

GAB- Housing, 8 Alalog-In, 4 Opto-In, 4 Relay

Housing Analog BLOCK Module witch 8 Analog-In ,4 Opto-In, 4 Relay Outputs; Serial Line RS232 or TTL, RS422/485, Current Loop;1 I2C BUS line, 1 Serial Line USB or CAN; Power Supply.



Connector KIT Set, 4 pins

4 Female pins + AMP plastic housing for GMB_HR84, etc..


 AMP8 Cable

AMP Cable Connector, 8 pins

1 m cable with 8 pins female AMP connector for QTP_03, etc..

EL 12

The EL 12 module is a complete, low cost, power supply with extremely reduced dimension, that can be used in conjunction with grifo® cards as SDI 02, QTP 12, QTP 16Big, QTP 16, QTP 22, QTP 24, QTP G28, etc.


BASIC compiler for 8051

BASCOM-8051© is a BASIC COMPILER , that generates code for the I51 family of microcontrollers, executed on a PC provided of a Windows operating system. This compiler provides a complete development tools and it includes many new instructions dedicated to direct management of typical problems of industrial automation. Moreover it supports arrays, strings and numerous additional data types, floating point mathematic functions, high level interrupts managements, etc.


µ C / 5 1

ANSI C compiler for 8051

Develop high quality software for any microcontroller of I51 family, by using ANSI C. µC/51 corresponds to a compiler capable of incredible optimizations, you can write ANSI C code even for the micro with only 1k Byte of memory! µC/51 is absolutely complete: easy to use multi file Editor, Compiler, Assembler, Downloader, source level Debugger. Nothing more it is necessary.


Pascal compiler for 8051

The Pascal 51 is a compiler capable to generate code for the I51 family of microcontrollers, that use almost all the instructions defined in Wirth's Pascal. Thanks to his integarted developmen environment it is really simple to use and offers advantages in hardware resources management, available in the microcontrollers. Moreover objects and precompiled units can be used too.


Ladder contact logic for 8051

The LadderWORK coincides with an development tools executed on PC, that starts from a graphic programmation with contact logic, and generates code for I51 microcontrollers family. The components that can be connected are numerous and a rich list of integrated parameters and commands make possible the phases of drawing, compiling, programming and testing of the electric diagram to develop.



Small Device C Compiler

The SDCC tools includes some different C compilers for numerous 8 bits microcontrollers, as I51, Z80, DS390, 68HC08 and PIC. It is a is free Open Source software, distributed under GNU General Public License (GPL).
The software inludes an ANSI C compiler, an Assembler and a linker, all with command line execution, and a complete user documentation. It supports many optimizations, specializations for specific microcontroller features, all data types (char, short, int, long and float) and the ability to add inline Assembler code.
The compiler can be easily integrated into an IDE that allows to edit; compile and test the C program, comfortably from a single program. For example, once it has been integrated in Free IDE from Silicon Laboratories, you obtain a powerfull and complete development tools, capable to solve any application type.

Download C Compiler

Download IDE


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