Flat BLOCK Contact: Double Step

FBC Duble Step English Tech. Manual PDF format.

Ver. 5.00 - Rel. 28 July 2003.

The modules for Omega rail, called FBC, are specific tools designed to easy the interconnection between Flat-Cables, used by the boards, and the cables required to reach the external world. There is a model for each of the most common formats which allows to make the cabling of the electric rack more easily and efficently. There are two kinds of FBC models: Single Step FBC, like the ones described in this page, and Double Step FBC, described in another page. Certain models, like FBC L20 and FBC L34, have been designed specifically to be interfaced to digital I/O boards and are provided also with LEDs to signal the status of the inputs lines.


  FBC 20

Flat BLOCK Contact

2 Connectors 20 pins


FBC 25

Flat BLOCK Contact

2 D Connectors 25 pins


FBC 50

Flat BLOCK Contact

one 50 pins connectors

 FBC 34

Flat BLOCK Contact

one Connector 20 pins

and one Connector 34 pins



FBC 26

Flat BLOCK Contact

2 Connectors 26 pins


 FBC 22

Flat BLOCK Contact

2 Connectors 20 pins + LED


 FBC L34

Flat BLOCK Contact

Connector 20 pins and a 34 one + LED


  FBC 234

Flat BLOCK Contact

2 Connectors 34 pins


 FBC 35

Flat BLOCK Contact

Connectors 50 pins + 2 Connectors 34 pins

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