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grifo® company has been manufacturing and designing Professional Electronic for Industrial Automation and its related software since 1976. For this purpose grifo® produces, designs and sells a wide range of electronic boards, EPROM programmers, software development tools, accessories, etc. to offer a solution to all the typical problems of this sector. In addition to these products, grifo® distributes products of other companies, experienced both in Hardware and Software, that integrate and complete its own range of products to let the potential costumers find an adequate solution to any technical problem.

grifo® products are currently used also in Research, Telecontrol, Didactics, Hobby fields etc. thanks to its wide range of available products and their Performance/Price ratio make them remarkably convenient and competitive.

The great technical and economical effort grifo® makes for research and continuous improvement of its products allow the costumers to be able to choose among some hundreds of boards, tools, accessories, etc. and their technological content and availability in short and long terms.

grifo® also provides a quick and efficient technical support service, that can be reached by Telephone, FAX or E-mail, able to assist costumers to solve the problems met in the utilization or in the search for the most optimized application.

In addition to the products in the catalog grifo® is also available to design Custom projects both Hardware and Software. A competent technical office is ready to create products or services expressly to satisfy the needs of the coustumer.

For this purpose grifo® is available to examine requests and, after having verified the technical and economical possibility of realization, to submit several possible solutions to the potential costumer.

ZBR 168 + GPC® 153

Mounting on Barra DIN (ZBR-246 + GPC®-153

Last Up-dated at November 13, 2011

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