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This page provides the latest news about the updates to the various programs that grifo® makes available, for Free, to its costumers and non-costumers. Intrested people should consider that it is possible to download and use these programs without any charge provided that no alteration or modification is made to the programs themselves.

Some programs are designed to work only with hardware developed by grifo® while others do not have such constraints and therefore may peacefully be used with self-made or thid parts developed hardware. A mention about this subject is due to two of the good GET xxx (Grifo® Editor Terminal xxx= Name of the CPU) serie programs specific for the 68HC11 CPU (GET-11) and the 8051 CPU (GET-51).
These two programs do not have ties to any particular hardware so they may be used with profit
by whoever is working with these two popular CPUs. In specific, GET-51 features a special
working modality to match MCS-52 BASIC by INTEL, allowing who uses the on-chip BASIC or one of its versions running on other CPUs to take remarkable operative advantages both during the Editing phase and the Debugging phase.

If you need an well-developed Terminal-Emulation program, designed to work in the Embedded field and specific for the above mentioned CPUs, we would invite you to try our programs and to send us your impressions of use by E-mail.


Here follows the list of the GET serie programs available on this site. To optimize the downloading time the programs are zipped. To unzip them we suggest you to use the PKUNZIP (Rel. 2.0 or above) utility program or WinZip. If you don't have PKUNZIP you mat download it directly from this site.

GET programs are supplied with an on-line HELP in ITALIAN which contains a real user manual (over 3000 lines of text) to learn about how to use the program. In addition it is possible to
activate an ENGLISH HELP as much detailed. The zipped archive contains two files: one being the program itself, the other one being the Help.


GET 11 - Grifo® Editor Terminal, for CPU Motorola 68HC11

GET 188 e GDOS 188 - Grifo® Editor Terminal, for CPU Intel 80C188

GET 51 - Grifo® Editor Terminal, for CPU fam. 8051


 GET 68 - Grifo® Editor Terminal, for CPU Motorola 68.000

GET 80 - Grifo® Editor Terminal, for CPU Zilog Z80 / Z180


Page up-dated at December 22, 2003

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