The Dataman S4

Dataman S4 English Tech. Manual PDF format. .

* Device List
* Accessories

Portable DATAMAN S4 - GAL Adapter


* Totally handheld programmer/emulator
* Proudly manufactured by us in the UK
* Fast approved programming algorithms
* Full 24 byte on-screen editor
* Continuous programming while charging (non stop operation)
* Emulation built in - free leads included
* Moulded designer case - feels as good as it looks
* Rubberised colour-coded full travel keypad
* Big easy-view 80 character supertwist LCD
* Fast Serial Communications to 115200 baud
* Works Standalone or by Remote PC (free software included)
* Supports EPROMS, EEPROMS [Device List] and Flash up to 8Mbits
* Supports 16 bit EPROMS, MROM-EPROMS, EEPROMS and Flash up to 16Mbits
* Supports PICs, 8751 Hitachi H8 and Toshiba 4-bit microcontrollers via adaptors
* Optional adaptors for progamming and emulating PLCC devices
* Supports serial EE 93 and 24 series
* Easy to use
* Free Support via Dataman BBSs in UK and USA and via Internet
* 3 year parts and labour warranty
* Free next day delivery (UK Only)
* 30 day trial available (UK/USA Only)

Product Information:

* The Dataman Softy 4 is the world's best selling handheld programmer.
* With up to 4Mbit of internal memory, S4 can program EPROM, EEPROM and Flash devices of up to 8Mbit and 32 pins without adaptors, and up to 16Mbit with optional 42 pin module.
* The onboard serial port can transfer files at up to 115200 baud from a host computer. S4 also emulates memory devices of up to 4 MBit without additional hardware.
* Adaptors are available for 40 pin 16-bit EPROMs, 40/42 pin 8/16 bit EPROMs, serial EEPROMs, PICs and 8751. Others are in preparation.


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