K I T - & - P R O M O T I O N s


 GPC® F2 - KIT

- (Intel 80C32 CPU) - CPU board with Single Europe card size, based on 80C32 microcontroller and compatible ones. Excellent module, available in mounting K I T , that provides an operative development tool for hardware and software. Many Example of Programs.

TI/O 16 - KIT

Card with 16 LEDs and 16 keys connected to 16 digital I/O lines on a standard connector. Many Example of Programs.


 KIT - K51 AVR

Kit 51 end AVR


  KIT - KND 08

Kit - Numerical Display 8 digits


  KIT - KND 44

Kit - Numerical Display 4 + 4 digits


  KIT - KAD 08

Kit - Alphaumerical Display 8 digits


Introduction to Microcontroller programming using BASCOM.

Last Up-dated at January 25, 2018

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