IPC 52

Intelligent Peripheral Controller

IPC 52 English Tech. Manual PDF format.

Ver. 5.20 - Rel.. 29 September 1999.

The IPC 52 is an intelligent peripheral card included in the wide and powerful family of ABACO® industrial boards.

The IPC 52 has the stand-alone capability to solve any problems associated with the acquisition of analog signals applied to its inputs, and to oversee all linearizing operations performed on the signal received from probes, also cold junction compensation, etc., supplying the master system with data that is constantly updated and ready for further processing.

The IPC 52 will accept various types of analog input signals, to the end of monitoring Temperature, Pressure, Humidity, PH, etc., and any another analogically quantifiable parameter.

With sophisticated self-calibration algorithms and the high resolution of the A/D Converter (16 bit + sign), the IPC 52 is ensured exceptional operating characteristics, affording resolution of 0.1 °C across the entire temperature measurement range.

IPC 52 card is a very powerful card that can manages all the various user requirements that has two important feautures: the first is the low price and the second is the comfortable and easy use of the card; through IPC 52 programs and its software tools, the card can be used and set without problems.

All operating data can be stored in the on-board serial EEPROM, which will hold no less than 310 different parameters. These parameters define with details the type, features and acquisition mode of each one of the 24 available analog inputs.

By virtue of imaginative design, the IPC 52 is able to operate either as a stand-alone processor or interlocked to an external CPU system.

The communication with a master CPU system can be performed through ABACO® BUS (parallel communication) or a serial line (serial communication). Both methods can be used with equal facility, according to the type of application for which the IPC 52 is selected. There are no limits regarding type of external master remote controller, so use can be made of any electronic device capable of serial communication, like a standard PC or a PLC.

Operating with RS 422, RS 485 or Current Loop serial line, through the Logic Protocol included in the card management program, it is possible to control an high number of IPC 52 (and UAR 24) with only two wires (or 4 wires) and one Master System. This features allow regulators networking using a master-multislave type protocol, also when distances are very high, simply by spreading the serial communication cable. The IPC 52 can be interrogated even during normal operation, and the parameters altered, without in any way affecting the acquisition cycle. Accordingly, any complex situation calling for dynamic control profiles can be dealt with simply and effectively.

Used as an interface with thermocouples and RTD, the IPC 52 in effect replaces APT 100, JKT 07 and JKT PTC boards, relegating these to more marginal tasks. In this instance, there is no longer any need for an external A/D Converter avoiding the main CPU to effect all linearizing operations on the input signals. The IPC 52 performs these steps using its own resources, supplying the master CPU with data ready for processing at a higher level.

Maximum specifications for the IPC 52 are:



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Data Sheet IPC 52, Rel. 97.7

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