UAR 24

Universal Analo Regulator with 2 D/A, 4 Relay

UAR 24 English Tech. Manual PDF format.

Ver. 5.20 - Rel.. 17 January 2000.

The UAR 24 belongs to the wide range of intelligent peripherals of the powerful ABACO Industrial BUS family cards.

The UAR 24 manages, on its own, any control problems associated with analog signals applied to its inputs, through four powerful outputs it is equipped with, and 2 D/A 12 Bits Converter lines which are optionals. If input probes are temperature probes, the UAR 24 running can be compared to a very sophisticated Termoregulator. It is very important to point out that the UAR 24 thermoregulating can exploit its performances both for Heating and Cooling cycles. The UAR 24 can be supplied as follows: standard version with 3A Relays outputs; version with only D/A 0÷10V outputs or version having both Relays and D/A lines. All these versions, in conjunction with an external power interface con drive the common actuators as Burners, Coolers, fans, ovens, motors, etc..

The UAR 24 accepts various types of analog input signals for monitoring and controlling in addition to temperature, pressure, Humidity, PH, Oxygen, etc. anything that can be expressed by an analogic signal.

The sophisticated Self-Calibration algorithms and the high resolution of the A/D Converter section which allows a resolution of 16 Bits + sign, ensure the UAR 24 an exceptional operating characteristics, affording resolution of 0.1 °C across the entire temperature measurement range.

All operating data referred to the type of input probes, set point to be kept, response limits, alarms, control strategies of PID type and/or proportional and so on, can be stored in the on board EEPROM. 34 different parameters, allow detailed definition of the manner in which the regulator operates.
Parameters can be programmed by three distinct methods:

- high level dialogue using the Abaco® Industrial BUS
- high level dialogue using the serial communication line
- optional expansion card UAR 03D: this card will be equipped with a double 7 segments display, having 8 digits, and an external keyboard

All three methods can be used with equal facility, according to the type of use to which the UAR 24 is dedicated. By virtue of the design, the UAR 24 can operate either as a stand alone processor without any external master CPU, or it can be remoted and keeping the control through the serial line. There are no conditions as regards the remote controller; use can be made by any electronic device capable of serial communication as standard PC or a PLC or any GPC® cards selected in the wide grifo® cards range.
Operating with a serial line, in Current Loop, RS 422 or RS 485 it is possible to connect up to 128 cards. In this network it is possible to connect UAR 24 and/or other intelligent peripherals as IPC 52 type. This kind of peripherals have an evoluted communication protocol named grifo® Network built in, which can be managed by using any device able to drive a serial line.
The UAR 24 can be interrogated even during normal operations, and parameters can be altered, without in any way affecting the control cycle.This feature allows and uninterrupted supervision of the process. Accordingly, any complex situation calling for dynamic control profiles can be addressed simply and effectively. In effect, the strategies to be applied in such instances will be specific to the contingency, and not functions definable directly and exclusively by the analog input parameters supplied to the UAR 24.
By using the UAR 03D display option, the value of the regulated signal can be monitored and displayed locally, leaving the display devices of the master CPU free.

- Single Europa size 100x160 mm, with interface to ABACO® Industrial BUS
- Option of mounting UAR 03D display panel
- RS 232, RS 422, RS 485 or Current Loop serial line
- Possibility of networking up to 128 UAR 24 boards by using the serial line
- 8 ways configuration Dip Switch.
- Buzzer indicating malfunctions, allarms, user recall, etc.
- 14 MHz 80C32 CPU with 64K EPROM.
- Watch dog managed by on board firmware
- Up to 32K RAM or 8K RAM with RTC and Lithium battery
- Serial configuration EEPROM storing 34 operating parameters
- Local DC-DC converter supplying the optional D/A Converter
- 15 way male D type connector on front side, for connection of loads, and serial communication line
- 8 way female Mini DIN connector on front side, for connection of probes and analog input signals
- 6 LEDs for visual feedback of right card functionality
- A/D Converter section giving 16 bits + sign resolution
- Cold Junction compensation by way of LM35 local temperature sensor
- 4 digital outputs providing regulation, using 3A Relays with 24Vac MOV transient suppressors, or/and 2 analog outputs in the range 0÷10V, driven by 12 bits D/A Converter
- Inputs for connection of 4 industrial probes: 2 two wires thermocouple type J, K, S, T type and 2 PT 100 type with two or three wires. The acquisition ranges change according with the selected probes:

PT100 thermistor -200 °C to +850 °C
J thermocouple (DIN) -200 °C to +900 °C
J thermocouple (USA) -210 °C to +910 °C
K thermocouple -270 °C to +1372 °C
S thermocouple - 50 °C to +1767 °C
T thermocouple -270 °C to +400 °C

- Management of 2 closed regulation loops with 4 acquisitions per second, based on the setted parameters
- Each control loop is provided of reulation output (relay or D/A channel) and limit output Relay.
- Operation as detector or evoluted thermoregulator with PID functions, historical, minimum and maximum reached, ramp, allarm limits, etc.
- Operation as stand alone processor, or slave intelligent peripheral connected to master CPU
- Start independently, at power on with the parameters saved in EEPROM
- Programming by way of BUS, serial line or external keyboard
- Single power supply voltage: 5 Vdc ±5%, 250 mA max
- Option of special designs with customized programs, even for small quantities
- Supplied with demo programs and libraries for network communication that simplify and speed the card use with each programmable external systems.



 CCR D Cables

Communication D Cable

Communication or connetion cable witch D connectors.


Data Sheet UAR 24, Rel. 03.07

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