DEB 01

Didactics Experimental Board

DEB 01 English Tech. Manual PDF format.

Ver.5.00 - Rel. 25 January 2001

DEB 01 (Didactic Experimental Board) is a very intresting experimental, development and support board for the ABACO® serie industrial cards.
The board is made of seven independent sections, each one involving parallel interfaces, that give the possibility to test those procedures which use two 8 bits I/O ports. DEB 01 is provided with a set of comfortable connectors to interface to the several sections on the board from grifo® standard I/O connectors.
Matching DEB 01 to one of the grifo® intelligent control cards (GPC® serie) allows to learn and experiment the several hardware and software techniques that must be employed in the industrial automation field. Being provided with a very wide range of example programs written in many languages for a great number of different CPU's, DEB 01constitues a good "launchpad" to enter with competence in the articulate world of microelectronics.
The seven DEB 01 sections are designed to solve the basic problems of the industrial automation filed like keyboard scanning, seven segments display refresh, signals acquisition and setting, printer management, sound generation through buzzer, LCD and fluorescent display driving, etc.

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