EXternal Power Supply 2 voltages

The EXPS 2 module is a complete, low cost, switching power supply with extremely reduced dimension, that can be used in conjunction with grifo® cards as QTP 12/R84, GPC® R94, GPC® T94, GPC® R63, GPC® T63, GPC® R168, GPC® T168, etc.

The EXPS 2 requires a 230 Vac input voltage and provides two Galvanically Insulated voltages: one stabilized at 24 Vdc 200 mA and the other at 15 Vac 300 mA.

It is provided in a plastic container that includes a mains connecting plug (to respect the security norms), the transformer and the electronics and it has an outcoming power supply cable. At the end of this cable it is available a quick release screw terminal connector that is compatible with those one used in the previously listed cards. These features simplify and reduce the required time for mounting, installation, replacement and connection of the same card.

Data Sheet EXPS 2, Rel. 04.03

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