Even if a very wide range of hardware architecture is available, it is possible to group the cards that grifo® manufactures, in various different clusters. A first selection is made for their main function i.e decisional function or not. In the first group there are CPU cards and in the second one there are Peripheral cards.



A) Expansible and modular CPU models

This family has the maximum modularity as, through the Abaco® BUS, it is able to drive any of the peripheral cards available on this BUS.

CPUs in Single Europe Size have not virtually espansion limits i.e number of I/O lines or additional functions to those normally available on the card. The mechanical overall size reflects the standard for Single Europe allowing the use of a serie of mechanical acccessories typical of this size. These cards have been designed to be used into rack of standard height of 3HE and for a max. width of 84TE. This kind of card can also be used as "stand alone" being equipped with a completeness of resources both I/O and elaboration.

The difference between CPU cards is due both to the kind of Microprocessor used, to the architectural choice of I/O type and to memory resources on board. On general the memory resources on board of the card are determined to the compatibilty of a cluster of Developping Software tools to which the card can be matched.


This group of cards has been designed to be directly mounted on DIN rails of an electric panel and it is equipped with an housing and hooks for the said rails. The Abaco® I/O BUS allows this card to get a fairly good modularity and expanbility. This card is generally equipped with its own power supply section and its best use has been conceived for facing limited problems, however in no case with big increase of performances with regard to the original configuration.

This type of card is the alternative, mostly economic,to the cards in Single Europe Size any time the number of I/O to be controlled is limited and it is not required the modularity of the Europe size. Also the Block card can be used "alone" without external support structures. A typical CPU card having these features is the GPC 15R.

The CPU cards having as primary peculiarity the use of Abaco® I/O BUS are those named "3 Serie" (overall size 100x148 mm) and "4 Serie" ( overall size 50x100 mm)


B) Non expandible CPU models

This CPU cards family, has been designed for operating "alone". The power supply section and anything usefull for working is built-in. The Power Supply section is available from 5Vdc up to the main supply. These cards are hold into an housing equipped with hooks for DIN rails and they can be directly installed into the electric panel. This cards family allows remarquable solutions for the software development of the applicative and it also has the best relation price-features as to all the solutions previously seen. Before adopting this cards family a careful analisys must be done being no possibilities of increasament, so the resources which are on board must be over or max. equal to those the application requires. The BLOCK family can be used in net as controller of distributed intelligence, telecontrol and so on.



Peripherals cards are all those hardware solutions that act as slaves to other cards and which are driven by these latters.

The first subdivision of these peripheral cards is due to the I/O interface type: i.e. Digital or Analogic. An additional subdivion of both of these clusters is due to the functionality of the card i.e the presence on board of intelligent devices. In this way get a further sub-group of peripheral cards analogic or digital intelligent.

A further division leads to the use field (axes control, modem, temperature and so on) up-to the definition of a specific operative function that, generally, clashes to a well defined card.

There are mechanical differences among cards having similar functions which make the use of the same more suitable for Rack rather than DIN rails or vice versa. So we have that the biggest part of this range is Europe Single size and the remaining one are BLOCK size.

Among the peripheral BLOCK size serie, there are also some of them, equipped with ABACO® I/O BUS connector.  This peculiarity allows to get a higher modularity, if compared to the simple BLOCK cards for signal conditioning, making them closer for flexibility, to the cards of the Europe Single size range. It is also possible to get units which use at the same time both BLOCK and Europe Single size cards by using Motherboards of ABB03 or ABB05 type

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