Developping and Experimental

Harwdware Tools

For developping and getting the hardware/software debugging or for experiment new solutions various tools are needed especially when units having microcontrollers are used. Hereunder there is a list of some grifo® proposals.

S i m m S t i c k

A simple and practical board for Didatics ed Hobby adplications. Among its range the small and low cost electronic boards are very interesting with Atmel end PIC micros.

Converter 89C51/AT89C2051 

Adaptor for T-EMU52 and others MCS51 Emulators
Converts pins of AT89C2051 to 89C51/89C52
Includes analog comparator
Availability of disconnecting P1.0/20-P1.0/40 and P1.1/20-P1.1/40 


 µP25, ALB E25, ALB S25

Cards for experimenting the µP25 features. It allows to get Telecontrol units or devices in ne, in a very easy way.



Low cost interface for driving, by using the PC Centronic line, I/O cards of ZBx xxx or, by using ABB xx, the commun Single Europe cards size. Equipped with software for DOS, Windows 3.1 and Windows 95.

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