Abaco® Link BUS

Field serial BUS for grifo® cards


The ABACO® LINK BUS is a complete serial communication logic protocol for the wide range of grifo® industrial cards. The ALB protocol is the result of many industrial applications developed during many years, where informations must be exchanged between intelligent systems through simple and cheap connections. The most important ALB function is the management of distribuited I/O lines based on a sure and economic serial connection.

The ALB only is a logic protocol in fact it defines the communication rules and it standardizes the data format, but it doesn't specify the electric and physic protocol. So the user can freely select the desidered baud rates, the electric driver used for connecction, and so on, to better satisfy its own requirements.

The use of ALB deletes or at least reduces considerably, the development time of a telecontrol application in fact the long list of high level commands is sufficient for the standard necessities. If the application needs additional commands, they can be directly required to grifo®.

The ALB is composed by software on disks, a user documentation and a specific firmware saved in the code area (EPROM, FLASH EPROM, microprocessor internal ROM) of the selected card.


The most important features of ALB are below summarized:


- At least two system provided of an asyncronous serial line.
- Serial communication line.


Actually the ALB protocol has been implemented by grifo®, on the following systems:


- General: reset; read, write presence byte; read firmware version; etc.

- Digital Input Output: enable, disable ouputs; acquire input/s; generation of square wave signals; etc.

- Analog Input Output: acquire A/D converter lines; set D/A converter lines; etc.

- Counter: reset counter; acquire counter; etc.

- Memory: read, write messagges on EEPROM; read, write value on RAM locations; etc.

- Real Time Clock: Set, acquire date; set, acquire time; etc.

For further information please refer to proper ALB user's manual.

Page up-dated at August 30st, ALB, Rel. 99.1

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