Target Controller for ANSI-C


The STIMGATE system is a high performance development tool for embedded processors. It is specifically designed to give an optimized environment to develop your C program. STIMGATE uses the well known Borland-C or Microsoft-C tools as the front end and creates a universal and processor independent platform. The highly productive integrated environment in these tools can be used directly, without limits to execute, debug and test C programs for different embedded processor families.

The STIMGATE Target Controller connects your target processor system to the PC hardware in such a way that both on-chip I/O, external I/O and interrupt hardware in your target become a virtual part of the PC. All I/O and interrupt operations operate transparently on the real target hardware.
STIMGATE is extremely fast so most target applications can be executed in realtime from the PC. The probe interfaces via EPROM or RAM sockets in target. STIMGATE controls the real target processor with software instructions and lets it handle all I/O and interrupt operations. The target interface itself is therefore totally independent of processor derivatives and processor package types.

I/O and interrupt operations are "standardized" in ANSI-C with Stimuli-Gateway functions. These functions make your C program platform and C-Compiler independent. They generate no code overhead when your program is finally compiled with a C compiler for the target processor. The resulting target hex file can be downloaded in the memory emulator in the Target Controller, for final execution and test in target.

A comprehensive C Source Library with more than 70 I/O driver functions for timers, serial communications, UART, I2C bus and EEPROM is included with the STIMGATE CPU family software package.

SG Stream Windows contains more than 40 portable stream functions for handling runtime test messages from embedded software. They have an ANSI-C like syntax and use post-formatting which gives minimum overhead in the target code and maximum writing speed. Writing from target to the PC screen takes place through the STIMGATE target controller.


CMX STIMGATE(r) product support MOST 8, 16 and 32 bit embedded Microcontrollers and Microprocessors. We also support more than 10 Compiler vendors. Please contact us for further information on the STIMGATE(r) product or any of our RTOS products such as CMX-RTX(tm), CMX-TINY+(tm), CMXBug(tm), CMXTracker(tm).

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