Window Based - Symbolic Remote Debugger

NoICE is a Window based Symbolic Remote Debugger for use with a variety of microcoprocessor target. It is intended to replace the HEX-Monitor programs oftec used for such debugging, but is much more powerful. The debugger consist of a Target-Specific Window program, NOICExxx.EXE, and a Target-Resident monitor program. The two programs comunicate via RS 232, at use selectable baud rate from 300 to 57600. Processors currently supported are the Z80, Z180, Z8, 8051, 80(1)96, 6809, 68HC11, 68HC12, 68HCS12, 68HC08, MSP430, 68HC05, 6502.

The PC-hosted approach has a number of advantages over a simple Hex Monitor. The Target-Resident monitor is simple and small: less than 1024 bytes for most version. The simplicity of the monitor eases the process of porting to new hardware platform.

The PC has a more flexible display than the generic terminals used by most Hex Monitors. NoICE mantains a number of windows containing register, source, and other data.

Because the size of code on PC does not penalize the target, a wide variety of features may be added.

Features include:

NoICE may be operated via pul-down menus, using either mouse or keyboard, or via command line. Keyboard commands are generally similar to those of traditional Hex Monitors. Command keywords are case insensitive.

Page up-dated at April 20, 2006

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