Complete ROMed Operating System

for cards with x86 code compatible

GDOS-188 English Tech. Manual PDF format.

Ver.5.10 - Rel.. 11 October 1999.


GDOS-188 is a software tools developed for all grifo® industrial cards based on the wide Intel 188 family of microprocessors.

This software tools allows programmation of these cards through high level environments that doesn't require a closely knowledge of the used hardware. With GDOS-188, the user exployes high level programming languages and many other resources, not available in other different software tools. It is possible to develop, debug and install any kind of user programs obtaining complete applications in a fast and confortable way.

GDOS-188 is a simple and efficient operating system for industrial application. It derives from famous Microsoft MS-DOS operating system and it has similar commands, compatible programming modes and similar use.

As well as all the operating systems, GDOS-188 interfaces hardware to the user, so this one never must develop low level firmware but he can directly use hardware with high level instructions, commands and languages. The power of GDOS-188 is the result of his possibility to use the hardware resource of an external personal computer that simplifies the develop and debug phases, with no requirements of other devices and further cost.

For example GDOS-188 manages the following hardware resource: serial lines, printers, mass memory devices, user interfaces that can whole be used by programmers through simple instrunctions of the selected programming language. Normally the operating system uses a little space of memory and it shares the use of one serial line. If this features are not acceptable, there are some hardware solution that solve the problem.

GDOS-188 is composed by some subsistems that create a confortable develop environment provided of: notes, guides, on line help, examples, etc.

The GDOS-188 is composed by software on disks, a user manual and a memory device (EPROM or FLASH EPROM) for the used card.


Control card based on 80C188

It is the electronic card that belong to grifo® industrial set, based on Intel-188 and compatible microprocessors, as:

Independently from the application to develop, the target card must be provided of:

Personal Computer

A personal computer provided of:

An hard disk is not necessary but recomended to speed all the files management operations.

Programming software

This is the software that must be used to write and test the application program to develop. Actually the programming software is one of the following programming languages :


The GDOS-188, when combined with a programming software, can be used to develop embedded code for the selected control card. It has many features that are below summarized


To satisfy all the different requirements of the customers, the GDOS 188 is available in the following versions:

GDOS xxx
Operating system for target card GPC® xxx on EPROM.

Operating system for target card GPC® xxx on FLASH EPROM.

FGD xxx and FGD xxx MCI
FLASH EPROM for target card GPC® xxx with the operating system saved on its last sector.

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