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NoiCE - Simbolic Remote Debugger

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Developers Kits Available

 68HC08 Developers Kit

 6809 Developers Kit

 68HC11 Developers Kit

 68HC12 Developers Kit

 68HC16 Developers Kit

 8051 Developers Kit

 8080/8085 Developers Kit

 8086 Developers Kit

 8096 Developers Kit

 ATMEL AVR Developers Kit

C-FLEA Developers Kit


Super Developers Kit (All of the above + extra assemblers and tools from XASM)


*68HC08 and 68HC16 Developers Kits do not include a monitor/debugger.


A complete C virtual machine development and runtime environment


C-FLEA is a "virtual machine", which was designed from the "ground up" to run 'C'. Provides an easy way to implement 'C' on CPU's that are not supported with standard 'C' compilers, are too small/weird for efficient native implementation of C, or use a system design requiring memory that is not directly executable (eg: serial). The C-FLEA can also be used to implement 'C' application languages embedded within other programs, and has many other useful purposes.


This package is licensed for single use. Low cost runtime licensing is available should you wish to re-distribute the VM interpreter.



A PC based 8051/52 and Dallas 80C320 Simulator / Emulator


A software simulator/emulator for the Intel 8051/8052 series of microcontrollers. EMILY features an easy to use "windowed" user interface, and is capable of simulating at better than 500,000 instructions per second on a 486/33mhz PC.




A set of cross assemblers and disassemblers




These are "smart" disassemblers with many features to assist in the generation of complete symbolic/commented ASM source from binary machine code.





Powerful software debugger and monitor programs.


Monitors for 6809, 68HC11, 8051/52, 8080/85, 8086 and 8096. Includes XASM compatible, well documented source code.



* Some features may differ slightly in some monitors



Data Line Monitor. Turns your P.C. into a DATASCOPE


This program monitors both sides of an asynchronous data communications line using a passive "Y" cable which connects to the monitored devices and BOTH comm ports (COM1 and COM2). This tool is invaluable for debugging ANY asynchronous connection, such as TERMINALS, MODEMS, SERIAL PRINTERS and PROTOCOL debugging. It allows you to actually SEE the data and signals being passed between the devices.



Project Plans


This package include all of the necessary schematics, software and documentation to construct the described devices:


EPROM: Stand-Alone EPROM programmer.


DBOX: Computer Control of VCR's etc.


IR232: Serial (RS-232) controlled "learning" Infared Remote


RINGSWITCH: Automatic telephone line switch.


8031DESIGN: Several 8031/8051 core system designs


8051ICE: In-circuit emulator for 8051 microcontroller.


CUBIX:  Complete 6809 computer system with floppy disk interface.


DARC:  General Purpose Amateur Radio/Repeater Controller.


ICOM:  CI-V computer control interface for ICOM amateur radios.


HTX242:  Computer control RS HTX242 via microphone data signals.



MICRO-C for the PC/DOS (3.5" 1.44MB diskette only)


A complete and fully functional version of our MICRO-C compiler for DOS and IBM-PC compatible systems. This has an extensive library with over 290 functions including TSR support, Windowing, Serial Comms and lots more (library source code is included). Over 80 example programs:




All DDS software products


Can't decide? You can have it all! Completely stock your embedded toolbox in one step with this package which includes EVERYTHING we offer:




Our freeware and shareware DEMONSTRATION disk


High density diskette (1.2 or 1.4Mb) containing demo versions of our

software plus freeware utilities, example programs and source code.


Aggiunto gratuitamente assieme all'acquisto di uno degli altri pacchetti!


PC - Hosted Remote Debuggers

by John Hartman


Full featured PC-hosted debuggers using a small target-resident monitor program communication via serial (RS-232) interface.

Available for: 6502, 6803, 6805, 6809, 68HC11, 8051, 80(1)96, Z8, Z80/Z180, M50740/M38000, and TMS370.

Single CPU NoICE, for the following Processors 













Super NoICE  ( all 11 processors)

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