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Using a Programmer with MicroCode Studio

With MicroCode Studio, you can start your preferred programming software from within the Integrated Development Environment (IDE). This enables you to compile and then program your microcontroller with just a few mouse clicks (or keyboard strokes, if you prefer).

The first thing you need to do is tell MicroCode Studio which programmer you are using. Select VIEW...OPTIONS from the main menu bar, then select the PROGRAMMER tab.

Next, select the Add New Programmer button. This will open the add new programmer wizard

Available Programmers

Select the programmer you want MicroCode Studio to use, then choose the Next button. MicroCode Studio will now search your computer until it locates the required executable. If you device uses MPLAB*, you will be presented with two further screens, the select options and development mode screens. If your programmer is not in the list, you will need to create a custom programmer entry.

*NOTE : Due to recent changes made by Microchip, MicroCode Studio currently only supports MPLAB version 5.xx or lower. If you want to program your *.hex file using MPLAX 6.xx or higher, you will need to manually load it into the MPLAB IDE.

Your programmer is now ready for use. When you press the Compile and Program button on the main toolbar, you PICBasic program is compiled and the programmer software started. The hex filename and target device is automatically set in the programming software (if this feature is supported), ready for you to program your microcontroller.

You can also select different programmers from the main toolbar, as shown below.

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