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Using MPASM with MicroCode Studio

The default assembler used by MicroCode Studio is pm.exe, provided with microEngineering Labs PICBasic Compiler. Most of the time, this is the preferred assembler. It is much quicker than the MPASM assembler provided by Microchip. However, there are some cases where MPASM is a more appropriate choice. For example, when using the PIC18xxx series of microcontrollers with PICBasic.

Enabling MPASM support with MicroCode Studio is extremely easy. Select VIEW...OPTIONS from the main menu bar, then select the ASSEMBLER tab. Next, check the Microchip MPASM selection box. You can then get MicroCode Studio to automatically search for the required executable, or you can choose it manually.

By default, MicroCode Studio will use the windows based assembler, mpasmwin.exe. This is preferred over the command line version (mpasm.exe) because it implements a better memory model. You can select the command line version of MPASM by unchecking the 'Windows Interface' option. When running the command line version of MPASM from within MicroCode Studio, you may encounter one or more 'out of memory' assembler errors. If this happens, it is advisable to select the windows version of MPASM.

NOTE : You can only use MPASM with the PICBasic PRO compiler.

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