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The ICD Explorer
ICD Window When the ICD is started, the ICD explorer is automatically opened by MicroCode Studio. Tabs at the top of the ICD explorer enable you to select which values are displayed.Ý These are; variables, Special Function Registers (SFRs), memory and EEPROM. The EEPROM tab is only visible for those microcontrollers that have onboard EEPROM. Data is displayed in decimal, hexadecimal and binary format. Before each PICBasic instruction is executed, the ICD requests a complete dump of banked memory from the microcontroller. These are mapped to actual variable and SFR names and then displayed in the ICD explorer.

The variable and register tabs therefore represent mapped data values. The memory tab is a complete unmapped data dump from the microcontroller. EEPROM is an exception, in that a request to dump EEPROM data is only made by the ICD if the EEPROM tab is visible.

A value that is steady state (that is, the value has not changed) is denoted by using a green circle.

No Change

If the ICD detects a state change, the value is highlighted using a red circle and the background is grayed.


When you switch to the EEPROM tab, or you switch from the EEPROM tab to either the variable, register or memory tabs, values are shown with a yellow circle. This means that the ICD has requested a data dump and an update is pending.

Update Pending

Arrays can take up quite a lot of space in the ICD explorer, because each array location gets a slot of its own. Therefore, the ICD explorer uses a plus symbol that enables the array view to be expanded or contracted. When the ICD is first started, arrays are all contracted, that is, you will need to click on the plus symbol to display each individual array location.


Arrays views that are contracted always get highlighted if one or more of its locations change state. When the view is expanded, state changes are shown for each individual array location.

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