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Hardware Setup

The MicroCode Studio ICD does not require any special hardware to host the microcontroller. However, you will need a host board that supports RS232 serial communication. For example, the FLASH Lab system has a built in MAX232 chip, which is ideal. Many other boards will support the MicroCode Studio ICD. All you have to do is connect your chosen board to the computer running MicroCode Studio using a suitable cable.


FLASH Lab System - 16F877 and 18F452
Development Environment

Alternatively, you can build your own board that will connect to the MicroCode Loader ICD.

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Connecting a microcontroller to MicroCode Loader
optional software reset. Courtesy Reynolds Electronics

The MicroCode Studio ICD communicates with the microcontroller using its hardware USART. You should refer the the Microchip data sheet for the microcontroller you are using if you are unsure which pins the device uses for its USART. For example, the PIC16F628 uses PORTB.1 for RX and PORTB.2 for TX. The PIC16F877 uses PORTC.7 for RX and PORTC.6 for TX.

The ICD will work with microcontrollers running at different clock speeds. Currently the supported speeds include 4, 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, 24, 25, 32, 33 and 40 MHz. However, it is essential that your PICBasic code has the correct oscillator setting defined. By default, this is 4MHz. If your target device is running at a different speed, you must make sure the appropriate define is used in your PICBasic code. For example, if you have a microcontroller running at 20MHz, use the following statement at the beginning of your program:


Failing to set the correct oscillator setting causes problems for the ICD. In short, if the setting in your code does not match the actual speed of your PIC microcontroller, the ICD will not work.

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