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ICD Editing

When the ICD process is running, you can edit variables, SFRs, memory and EEPROM. This is a very powerful feature, as it enables you to alter the internal values of the MCU on the fly. To do this, simply click on the ICD Explorer value you want to edit. A little edit panel will appear just below the main ICD Explorer window.

Just enter the new value in the edit box and then press the enter key. To enter a hexadecimal number, use the $ prefix. For example, $1F0F. To enter a binary number, use the % prefix. For example, %10001101. If no prefix is used, the number is interpreted as decimal. If the number you type is invalid (for example, $%10) the edit box font will change to red when the enter key is pressed.

Please note that for BYTE sized value, only the lower 8 bits of the entered number are used. For example, after entering $FF0F for a value declared as BYTE, only '$0F' will be used. For BIT sized variables, only the lower bit of the entered number is used. If the number entered is smaller than the declared value, the upper bits are padded with zeros. For example, entering $FF for a value declared as WORD will result in the value being set to $00FF.

String Data

When in ICD EEPROM view, you can also enter whole strings to EEPROM. To do this, click on the EEPROM starting address. The edit window will now show two tabs.

To enter string data, click on the 'String Data' tab. Type in the string you want to put into EEPROM and then press the enter key. There are a number of additional options available when entering string data. To access these, right click on the string data tab.

Line Terminator

Automatically appends a line terminator sequence to the string data when the enter key is pressed. Options include None, Null ($00), CR ($0D), LF ($0A), CR and LF ($0D0A), LF and CR ($0A0D).

Auto Increment EEPROM Address

This option will force the string data pointer to automatically go to the next available EEPROM location. For example, if your starting address is $00 and you enter 'hello', the next starting address will be $00 + Length('hello') + Length(line terminator sequence).

Auto Clear String Data

This option will automatically clear the string data edit box after pressing the enter key, allowing you to quickly type in the next data string.

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