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Breakpoints are used to stop the execution of a program at any given point. The MicroCode Studio ICD enables you to add multiple breakpoints. You can even have breakpoints in PICBasic include files. To add a breakpoint, use your left mouse button and click on the gray bar located to the left of the MicroCode Studio editor. To remove the breakpoint, just click on the bar again.

Set Breakpoint

When the ICD is running, your PICBasic program will execute normally until a breakpoint is reached. When a breakpoint is encountered, the ICD suspends program execution and displays a small red arrow to the left of the breakpoint.

Breakpoint Reached

If the animation button is in the up position (disabled) and a breakpoint is encountered, animation is automatically enabled by the ICD. This forces the ICD to perform a complete data dump and update the ICD explorer. You can then use the step button to go through each line following the breakpoint. Alternatively, just press the pause button to resume program execution.

A breakpoint is normally shown as a red bar, but when you start the ICD, some breakpoints may get grayed out. A gray breakpoint represents an unreachable point in your program. An unreachable breakpoint will not cause any problems for the ICD, it merely serves as a warning that the point you have marked will never stop program execution. The most obvious example is if you place a breakpoint at a comment, as shown below.

Non Reachable Breakpoint

Comments are not program instructions, so it is clear that the ICD will never stop program execution at this point. Another example is data declarations. A statement such as


is not a program instruction, so setting a breakpoint here will result in it being marked as unreachable.

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