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PicBasic Pro Compiler - Euro 199.00 version information


PicBasic Pro Compiler - English Tech. Manual PDF format.

Ver. microEnginering Lab, Inc. - Rel. 3/04 - 2004.

The PicBasic Pro Compiler is the easiest way for you to program the fast and powerful Microchip Technology PICmicro microcontrollers. PicBasic Pro converts your BASIC programs into files that can be programmed directly into a PICmicro MCU.

The PicBasic Pro Compiler features: BASIC Stamp II commands, direct and library routine access to pins on PORTA, C, D, E, as well as PORTB, arrays, real IF..THEN..ELSE and interrupt processing in BASIC.

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Upgrade Information

Now includes CodeDesigner Lite IDE for Windows!

CodeDesigner Lite allows you to write code in a PicBasic-friendly environment. Color coded syntax, compile and launch programmer from toolbar, multiple documents, and more. (Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP)

The PicBasic Pro Compiler gives you direct access to all of the PICmicro MCU registers - I/O ports, A/D converters, hardware serial ports, etc. - easily and in BASIC. It automatically takes care of the page boundaries and RAM banks. It even includes built-in commands to control intelligent LCD modules.

The PicBasic Pro Compiler instruction set is upward compatible with the BASIC Stamp II and Pro uses BS2 syntax. Programs can be compiled and programmed directly into a PICmicro MCU, eliminating the need for a BASIC Stamp module. These programs execute much faster and may be longer than their Stamp equivalents. They may also be protected so no one can copy your code.

The PicBasic Pro Compiler is a DOS command line application (it also works in Windows) and runs on PC compatibles. It can create programs for any of Microchip's PICmicro microcontrollers and works with most PICmicro MCU programmers, including our MP PIK, MP PIC+ Programmer. A printed manual and sample programs are included to get you started.

The PicBasic Pro Compiler can also be used inside Microchip's MPLAB IDE. This allows programs to be edited and simulated within Windows. More information is on the MPLAB page.

PicBasic Pro Compiler now has limited support for the 12-bit core microcontrollers and BASIC source-level debugging. If you are a current PicBasic Pro owner and would like the latest version, please see the upgrade page for upgrade information.

  • True compiler provides faster program execution and longer programs than BASIC interpreters
  • Direct and library routine access to any pin or register
  • Automatic page boundary handling past 2K
  • Bit, byte and word arrays
  • Real If..Then..Else..Endif
  • Hierarchal expression handling
  • Interrupts in BASIC and assembler
  • BASIC Stamp I and II library
  • Built-in LCD support
  • Oscillator support from 3.58MHz to 40MHz
  • I2C instructions to access more external devices including serial EEPROMs
  • In-line assembler and Call support
  • MPLAB / MPASM / ICE compatibility
  • Use in DOS or Windows
  • Supports all Microchip PICmicro microcontrollers
  • Compatible with most PICmicro MCU programmers (see MP PIK, MP PIC+ Programmer)

If you want maximum compatibility with the BASIC Stamp I or you would like to save a little money, please take a look at our standard PicBasic Compiler.

There is a special offer for current PicBasic Compiler owners to "cross-grade" to the PicBasic Pro Compiler. Please see the upgrade page for more information.

Still not sure? Try a demo of the PicBasic Pro Compiler before you buy at CompileSpot.com or download the PicBasic Pro Compiler Demo version

Current PIC micro MCU support:

PicBasic Pro Compiler now supports ALL Microchip PICmicro MCUs!

10F202, 10F206: Limited support. (more information)

12C508(A), 12C509(A), 12F508, 12F509, 12CE518, 12CE519: Limited support. (more information)

12C671, 12C672, 12CE673, 12CE674, 12F629, 12F635, 12F675, 12F683: Supported.

14000: Supported.

16C432, 16C433: Supported.

16C505, 16C54(AC), 16C55(A), 16C56(A), 16C57(C), 16C58(B), 16HV540: Limited support. (more information)

16C554, 16C557, 16C558, 16C61, 16C62(AB), 16C620(A), 16C621(A), 16C622(A), 16C63(A), 16C64(A), 16C642, 16C65(B), 16C66, 16C662, 16C67, 16C71, 16C710, 16C711, 16C712, 16C715, 16C716, 16C717, 16C72(A), 16C73(AB), 16C74(AB), 16C745, 16C76, 16C765, 16C77, 16C770, 16C771, 16C773, 16C774, 16C781, 16C782, 16C923, 16C924, 16C925, 16C926, 16CE623, 16CE624, 16CE625, 16F505, 16F54, 16F57, 16F59, 16F627, 16F627A, 16F628, 16F628A, 16F630, 16F636, 16F639, 16F648A, 16F676, 16F684, 16F688, 16F716, 16F72, 16F73, 16F737, 16F74, 16F747, 16F76, 16F767, 16F77, 16F777, 16F785, 16F818, 16F819, 16F83, 16F84(A), 16F87, 16F870, 16F871, 16F872, 16F873, 16F873A, 16F874, 16F874A, 16F876, 16F876A, 16F877, 16F877A, 16F88, 16F913, 16F914, 16F916, 16F917: Supported.

17C42A, 17C43, 17C44, 17C752, 17C756(A), 17C762, 17C766: Supported.

18C242, 18C252, 18C442, 18C452, 18C601, 18C658, 18C801, 18C858, 18F1220, 18F1320, 18F2220, 18F2320, 18F2331, 18F2410, 18F242, 18F2420, 18F2431, 18F2439, 18F2455, 18F248, 18F2480, 18F2510, 18F2515, 18F252, 18F2520, 18F2525, 18F2539, 18F2550, 18F258, 18F2580, 18F2585, 18F2610, 18F2620, 18F2680, 18F4220, 18F4320, 18F4331, 18F4410, 18F442, 18F4420, 18F4431, 18F4439, 18F4455, 18F448, 18F4480, 18F4510, 18F4515, 18F452, 18F4520, 18F4525, 18F4539, 18F4550, 18F458, 18F4580, 18F4585, 18F4610, 18F4620, 18F4680, 18F6310, 18F6390, 18F6410, 18F6490, 18F6520, 18F6525, 18F6585, 18F6620, 18F6621, 18F6627, 18F6680, 18F6720, 18F6722, 18F8310, 18F8390, 18F8410, 18F8490, 18F8520, 18F8525, 18F8585, 18F8620, 18F8621, 18F8627, 18F8680, 18F8720, 18F8722: Supported.

18F24J10, 18F25J10, 18F44J10, 18F45J10, 18F63J11, 18F63J90, 18F64J11, 18F64J90, 18F65J10, 18F65J11, 18F65J15, 18F65J50, 18F65J90, 18F66J10, 18F66J15, 18F66J50, 18F66J55, 18F66J60, 18F66J65, 18F67J10, 18F67J50, 18F67J60, 18F83J11, 18F83J90, 18F84J11, 18F84J90, 18F85J10, 18F85J11, 18F85J15, 18F85J50, 18F85J90, 18F86J10, 18F86J15, 18F86J50, 18F86J55, 18F86J60, 18F86J65, 18F87J10, 18F87J50, 18F87J60, 18F96J60, 18F96J65, 18F97J60: Supported.

18F23K20, 24K20, 25K20, 26K20, 43K20, 44K20, 45K20, 46K20: Supported.

PicStic1, PicStic2, PicStic3, PicStic4, PicStic1 2k, PicStic2 2k, PicStic3 2k, PicStic4 2k, PicStic5: Supported.

rfPIC12C509AF, rfPIC12C509AG, rfPIC12F675F, rfPIC12F675H, rfPIC12F675K: Supported (select 12C509A or 12F675)

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