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Product Comparison

PicBasic Compiler - Euro 90,00

PicBasic Pro Compiler - Euro 199,00
Limited to first 2K code space Uses all available code space
Interrupt handlers must be Assembly language Interrupt handler routines may be either PicBasic Pro or Assembly
Uses Peek and Poke commands to access internal registers and move contents to and from pre-defined variables Internal register names may be used directly, even in calculations and conditional statements.
Clock speed pre-defined at 4MHz Clock speeds from 3.5975 to 40MHz, depending upon device capabilities.
BASIC Stamp I compatible variable names pre-defined. Define your own custom variables, including arrays of bits, bytes or words.
Most 14-bit core PICmicro MCUs supported. (see compatibility list) ALL PICmicro MCUs are supported, including 12-bit core, 17CXXX, 18CXXX, and 18FXXX.

Additional commands available only in PicBasic Pro:

  • LCDOut / LCDIn - for controlling parallel interfaced LCD modules.
  • HSerin / HSerout - for controlling the hardware USART available on many PICmicro MCUs.
  • HPWM - for controlling the hardware PWM modules available on many PICmicro MCUs.
  • Serin2 / Serout2 - RS-232 serial commands capable of sending and receiving ASCII formatted numeric data.Ý Serin2 can be invoked with a timeout parameter to avoid lockup caused by missed serial data.
  • Select Case - Visual BASIC style case statement.
  • ReadCode / WriteCode - read and write locations in the code space of self-programming microcontrollers.
  • OWin / OWout - communicate with One Wire devices.
  • USBin / USBout - access the USB module on specially equipped microcontrollers.
  • Xin / Xout - send and receive X-10 commands for household remote control.
  • ADCin - perform analog-to-digital conversion on devices so equipped.

Other PicBasic Pro advantages:

  • Uses 5-10% less code space than standard compiler.
  • Syntax is less demanding, making Pro easier to learn.
  • Debug information can be generated for Microchip development tools.

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