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I have never seen it's equal in any freeware or shareware programs. My compliments to the creators of this awesome program.J Cha

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About Pacific C

HI-TECH Software's Freeware C compiler for MS-DOS systems.
Pacific C is a freeware C compiler for DOS. Included is the HI-TECH Professional Development environment, an IDE allowing you to edit source code and manage projects with ease. Pacific C's text-based GUI makes it an excellent teaching package, while ANSI-compliance and tight code generation provide a powerful development tool. We have decided to make Pacific C for MS-DOS freeware. We have removed from the current distribution the shareware notice, so you may use the compiler for any purpose without having to either register or make a payment of any kind. This includes commercial use. If you redistribute Pacific C you must retain the copyright notices etc.

A new version will be released sometime with improvements. It just depends on when we get time to put it together.

Installing Pacific C
1. Read the Conditions of Use
You may copy and redistribute this software, providing it remains in the same self-extracting .EXE file. You may use this software for any purpose. No warranty of any kind is provided, and all use is entirely at your own risk.

2. Download the files
Download pacific.exe (970k) and save it to your hard drive.

You can also download the Pacific C Manual. To view it, you will need the Adobe Acrobat reader.

3. Install the Compiler
Create a directory called PACIFIC, change into the directory, then run pacific.exe. It will self-extract a directory tree.

In the BIN directory is the compiler driver, PPD.EXE. Run this and follow the menus.

Add PACIFIC\BIN to your path to be able to run PPD from anywhere.

This compiler is MS-DOS, not Windows, based, but it will run in a DOS box under Win3.11, Win95 or WinNT.

Getting Help on Pacific C
Read the Manual
Don't forget to read the manual, which can be downloaded directly from our web server. To view it you'll need to get the Acrobat Reader from Adobe.

Read the FAQ
A selection of Frequently Asked Questions and answers is available for online. It is recommended reading for all HI-TECH C users, especially first time users, and is an excellent place to begin if you're having trouble.

Join the Mailing List
HI-TECH Software runs a public mailing list dedicated to the discussion of Pacific C and related topics. It is an excellent resource, open to all users of Pacific C.

Participate in the Forum
A forum for Pacific C is available on this website. Use it to ask questions, read other people's answers or generally discuss Pacific C.

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