The SYSTEM51 is a complete high level- and assembler level development tool for the Intel, Philips, Infineon, Atmel, Dallas Semiconductor 8051 family of single chip microprocessors.

it consists of an efficient high level language compiler (either ANSI C or PASCAL), an integrated text editor, a relocatable assembler and linker and a simulator. an optional in circuit debugger is available. it is operationally compatible with the simulator.

There are IDEs for both DOS and Windows available, the former is window oriented as known from for instance Borland products. Online context sensitive help is available in all systems.

Over 40 different types are covered, and a special SFR2SFB compiler system ensures that you will be able to cover any new type yourself in the future. The file SYS51.SFB, the result of a SFR2SFB compilation is used throughover the system, so you do not need different definition files for compilers, assemblers nor simulators.

Example of the IDE


Download Windows demo for SYS51CW here ( ~1 400 000 bytes)

Download Windows demo for SYS51PW Pascal here ( ~1 300 000 bytes)

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