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To complement our ANSI C compilers, you may wish to obtain good source level debuggers. While we do not produce debuggers ourselves, there are many third party debuggers, some of which can be purchased directly from us.

Calling all debugger writers! Many of these debuggers directly support ImageCraft's debug format. Our debug format is in ASCII and is very easy to parse. If you are a debugger writer interested in supporting ImageCraft products, we urge you to consider our format, a description of which is available here.

1. NoICE debuggers for ImageCraft Compilers
NoICE Debuggers (Available from ImageCraft - Euro 100,00)
* NoICE is a low cost debugger from http://www.noicedebugger.com. (More information and fully-functional shareware can be found on their site.) NoICE supports the ImageCraft Debug Format directly and supports Motorola/Freescale HC08, HC11, and HC12, and TI MSP430 targets. You may purchase NoICE debuggers directly from us
* For the HC08 target, NoICE08 directly interfaces with the MON08 monitor built into all the HC908 devices.
* For the HC11 target, you can only debug RAM based code, and you must burn a small monitor to run on your target system.
* For the HC12 target, NoICE12 supports popular BDM PODs including Elektronikladen's ComPOD12 (available from us), P&E Micro's Cable12, and Kevin Ross BDM12.
* For the MSP430 target, NoICE430 supports any JTAG interface dongle compatible with TI's FET JTAG.

NoICE Version 8.1 and later now include a fully function instruction set simulator. You may use this simulator without limitation even under the NoICE demo mode as long as you have a valid license for the ImageCraft C compiler.

2. debuggers for Atmel tools
Flash Design Studio+ ISD (Available from ImageCraft - Euro 149,00 - Price reduction!)
* We are happy to announce that ImageCraft is the official US distributor of the new Studio+, an ISD (In System Debugger) from Flash Designs U.K.
* Flash Design Studio is compatible with ImageCraft tools for AVR and MegaAVR. (For tinyAVR, see Atmel AVR Studio below.)
* You only need to insert breakpoint calls (hardware breakpoint) in strategic places in your program. Once a breakpoint is hit, you may insert arbitrary software breakpoint anywhere in your program. Studio+ uses our ImageCraft Debug Format so you know it is 100% compatible with our compilers to provide full source level debugging of your programs.
* In addition to Studio+, we also distribute Flash Design's AVR development kits. See Hardware page for details.
Atmel AVR Studio
* AVR Studio is the free debugger / simulator from Atmel. It is compatible with ImageCraft tools for all AVR devices: AVR, MegaAVR and tinyAVR.
* You build your project using our IDE and open the COFF file in AVR Studio to get source level debugging. You can download AVR Studio from Atmel at http://www.atmel.com.

3. Other debuggers for Motorola tools
Softtools StingRay Debugger for HC12 (Available from ImageCraft - Euro 399,00)
* StingRay PRO HC12 debugger is a source level debugger that directly supports the ImageCraft Debug Format. It supports popular BDM PODs including Elektronikladen's ComPOD12 (available from us), P&E Micro's Cable12, Kevin Ross BDM12, and the Motorola SDI cable. You can order StingRay directly from us.
J¸rgen Krummsdorf's HC12ICD for HC12
* J¸rgen Krummsdorf has HC12 Source Code Debugger called HC12ICD that directly supports the ImageCraft Debug Format. He also has a BDM12 Programmer.
* More information available at http://www.krummsdorf.de/hc12icd/index2.html (Note: this is a German-language site.)
P&E Debuggers
* P&E Micro has debuggers for HC08, HC11, HC12, and HC16. Our compilers can generate their older MAP file, providing source line and global variable address information. C data type and local variable debug information are not available in the MAP file for these debuggers.

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