_Motorola Development Tools 10-Mar-2004
Version 6 C Compiler Tools with Windows IDE
ICC11 supports all HC11 devices excluding paged memory. ICC12 supports all HC12 and HCS12 devices. ICC08 supports all HC08 and HCS08 devices including the new Q series. More detailed descriptions are available in Acrobat PDF Format: ICC11 V6 Flyer Page , ICC12 V6 Flyer Page , ICC08 V6 Flyer Page . (Opens new browser window.)

For Maintenance Contracts, please see below.

V6 for Windows availability and pricing:
* Fully functional demos may be downloaded from our website.
* ICC08 and ICC12 Standard version owners may upgrade to the Professional version for the difference in price.
* ICC08 PRO includes Code Compressor, C structure debug info and additional optimizations.
* ICC12 PRO includes Expanded Memory Support, C structure debug info and additional optimizations.

ICC08 V6, ICC11 V6, ICC12 V6 and ICC16 V6
standard version
ICC11 standard - Euro 199,00+IVA ICC12 standard - Euro 199,00+IVA
ICC08 standard - Euro 199,00+IVA

ICC08 V6 and ICC12 V6 professional version
ICC12 professional - Euro 349,00+IVA

NoICE debuggers for HC08, HC11 and HC12
NoICE12 - Euro 100,00+IVA
(requires ComPOD12 or other BDM pod)
NoICE08 - Euro 100,00+IVA NoICE11 - Euro 79,00+IVA

ICC16 V6

NOTE: There have not been sufficient sales to continue support of this product. If you MUST get this product, feel free to download the fully functional 30 day demo to see how well it works for you. Be warned that chances are we will not be able to answer questions regarding this product.

The compiler supports a single page of 64K bytes of code and a single page of 64K bytes of data. It does not support multiple pages of code or data. You can purchase the full product at a reduced price of $99, but it does not come with a printed manual, and again, no technical support will be provided.

Annual (1 year from date of purchase) renewable Maintenance Contracts (E-mail capability required) are available, entitling the purchaser to priority technical support, automatic E-mail notification of bug fix releases (receivable by FTP),and a discount on the price of any upgrades during the term of the contract.

Maintenance Contract
for one year
Euro 30,00+IVA

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