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English PDF User Manual of GWT80.

Ver. 5.00 - Rel. March 09, 2005.

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The GWT80 (Grifo® Windows Terminal Z80 family) is used with GDOS 80 operating system, which is executed on Abaco® target cards provided of Z80 microprocessors and derivates. Thanks to a standard PC, it can completely manages the develop and debug phase of the user application program in a fast, efficient and comfortable way.

In detail any GWT80 users can use the PC as a develop system for the target card. The available operations start with the transfer of developed program from PC to target card, and go on with the test of program, directly on selected hardware. Then the user carry on by detecting and solving any errors (sintax, logic and execution bugs) and finally he saves the obtained program on the non volatile memories, installed on target card that becomes autonomous and embedded. If it is required the GWT80, and the PC that execute it, can be used even after the final installation for many different purposes, as: transfer of collected or required data, update of working parameters, production of printed reports, user interface management, etc.

The availability of some utilities speeds up the program use and lets the user perform many operations in a intuitive, immediate and comfortable manner. So it is not necessary to have a specific knowledge on all the selected products, and in this way, the complete develop time of the user application program is drastically reduced.
GWT80 is a follow up version of previous GET80 program and it is full compatible with this one; the main difference with the last is that GWT80 can be executed on PC provided of Windows operating system.





Z80 based control card

It is the electronic card that belong to grifo® industrial set, based on Zilog Z80 and compatible microprocessors, as:

Independently from the application to develop, the target card must be provided of:
- EPROM or FLASH EPROM with romated operating system GDOS 80
- at least 64 Kbytes of RAM
- one asyncronous RS 232 serial line

The remote card is not absolutely necessary for GWT80 execution but it is anyway indispensable for many of its functionalities.

Personal computer

A personal computer provided of:

The following resources are optional in fact they are necessary only when specific operations are performed by the user:

In the previous description the indication "correctly managed by used PC and operating system" refers to the device in object that must be previously installed. This installation includes both hardware and software configurations as defined by the manufacturing company. In other words the GWT80 have no dedicated software driver for these devices, but it uses those already available in the operating system.

Suggested materials

To simplify and to speed the GWT80 use, even by untrained customers, the following items can be profitably used:

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