S E P - 4 0+

Universal, ISP capable programmer

Connection to PC through USB

SEP 40+ English Tech. Manual PDF format.

Ver. 3.10 - Rel. 04 April 2007.

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 SEP 40+ Program - FREE - Update

    Please download and execute free management program. It allows You to check if the requested device is supported by programmer. Be sure that the selected programmer is the SEP 40+.

    Software for Windows 3.x; Windows 95; Windows 98; Win ME; Windows 2000/ Win XP; 2003; XPx64; Vista.

Technical specification




ZIF socket, pindriver




Programmer, through ISP connector


I.C. Tester


Programming speed

Note. This times strongly depend on PC speed, LPT port type and operating system free resources. Therefore values of two different PC configurations are given for comparison.

Device Operation Mode Time
27C010 programming and verify in ZIF 29 sec.
AT29C040A programming and verify in ZIF 41 sec.
AM29F040 programming and verify in ZIF 95 sec.
PIC16C67 programming and verify in ZIF 10 sec.
PIC18F452 programming and verify in ZIF 7 sec.
AT89C52 programming and verify in ZIF 17 sec.
PIC16F876A programming and verify ISP 5 sec.
PIC12C508 programming and verify ISP 3 sec.
Conditions: P4, 2.4 GHz, USB 2.0 high speed, Windows XP.
The programming times are preliminary, the improvement is in progress.


    Algorithms: only manufacturer approved or certified algorithms are used. Custom algorithms are available at additional cost.

    Algorithm updates: software updates are available approx. every 2 weeks, free of charge.

    Main features: revision history, session logging, on-line help, device and algorithm information


Device operations


  • intelligent device selection by device type, manufacturer or typed fragment of part name
  • blank check, read, verify
  • program
  • erase
  • configuration and security bit program
  • illegal bit test
  • checksum


  • insertion test
  • contact check
  • ID byte check


  • auto device serial number increment
  • statistic
  • count-down mode

Buffer operations

  • view/edit, find/replace
  • fill, copy, move, byte swap, word/dword split
  • checksum (byte, word)
  • print

File load/save

  • no download time because programmer is PC controlled
  • automatic file type identification
    Supported file formats
    • unformatted (raw) binary
    • HEX: Intel, Intel EXT, Motorola S-record, MOS, Exormax, Tektronix, ASCII-SPACE-HEX



Minimum PC system requirements

  • Common, software related requirements
  • Programmer hardware related requirements:
    • One USB port, the 2.0 hight speed recommended



  • operating voltage 15...20V DC, max. 0.5A (adapter included in package)
  • power consumption max. 6W active, about 0.5W sleep
  • dimensions 160x95x35 [mm] (6.3x4.3x2.0 [inch])
  • weight (without external power adapter) ca. 600g
  • temperature 5..40C
  • humidity 20%..80%, non condensing


Base configuration package includes

  • SEP 40+ programmer
    connection cable PC-programmer
  • ISP cable
  • diagnostic POD for selftest
  • anti-dust cover for ZIF socket
  • wall plug adapter 230V to 12V DC/500mA, unstabilized
  • user manual (English and Italian version) on CD in PDF format for Acrobat
  • software
  • transport case

Additional services

  • Keep Current - ELNEC sends to user a latest version of programmer software and updated user documentation (Keep-Current package)
  • AlgOR (Algorithms On Request) - add new supported devices on customer request


Programmer price includes too:

  • free technical support (hot line)
  • free life-time software update via Internet

The information in this document is subject to change without notice.

Page up-dated at April 12, 2017

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