E P - 4 0 / U S B

Low price EPROM, FLASH EPROM, etc. programmer

EP 40/USB English Tech. Manual PDF format.

Ver. 3.00 - Rel. March 27, 2007.



Socket, pin driver, DAC

Device support


(*1) - suitable adapters are available for non-DIL packages

(*2) - there exist none adapter/additional module for memory devices with more than 40 pins. Therefore think please about more powerful programmer (LabProg+, JetProg), if you need to program memories with more than 40 pins

For further information please download the management Program, that can be used also without the programmer, and try to select the required devices.

I.C. Tester

Programming speed

Device operations

Buffer operations

File Load / Save

Supported file formats

PC system requirements




Package included


Additional services

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