Periodic up dates of the grifo® programmer management software are available free of charge. The user can download the following files, decompress them and then intall the final management software

The following management programs can be downloaded also by possible customers interested in grifo® programmers, in fact once installed, it can be used to check if a required devices is supported. In detail: run the installed program, select "Device / Select Manual" option, type the device code and confirm the suggested selection; in this condition by selecting the "Device / Device Info" option (Control+F1) it will be displayed an information window that list all the programmers that support the selected device, plus the possible necessary additional modules.

W I N - O l d . P r o g r a m - WIN 98, WIN ME, W9IN NT 4.0, WIN 2000, WIN XP, WIN 2003, XPx64, Vista end WIN 7 (Rel. 2.84 - 17.12.2011)

W I N - SW for all 32-bit WIN versions WIN XP, WIN 2003, XPx64, Vista 32-bit end 64-bit, WIN 7 64-bit, WIN 8 64-bit, WIN 8.1 64-bit (Rel. 3.37 - 10.03.2018)

Page up-dated at Marchr 10, 2018

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