Low-Cost USB - AVR In-System Programmer

The AVRISP MK2 is a compact and easy-to-use In-System Programming tool for developing applications with Atmel's AVR microcontrollers. Due to the small size, it is also an excellent tool for field upgrades of existing applications using AVR microcontrollers.
The AVRISP MK2 Programming interface is integrated in AVR Studio. The Flash, EEPROM and all Fuse and Lock Bit options ISP programmable can be programmed individually or with the sequential automatic programming option. The AVR clock frequency and supply voltage can also be controlled from AVR Studio.

Supported Devices 

Note: Low power versions are also supported.
AT90PWM2  AT90PWM3  ATmega128  ATmega1280
ATmega1281  ATmega16  ATmega162  ATmega165
ATmega165P  ATmega168  ATmega169  ATmega169P
ATmega2560  ATmega2561  ATmega32  ATmega325
ATmega3250  ATmega329  ATmega3290  ATmega48
ATmega64  ATmega640 ATmega644   ATmega645
ATmega6450  ATmega649  ATmega6490  ATmega8
ATmega8515  ATmega8535  ATmega88  ATtiny12
ATtiny13  ATtiny15L  ATtiny2313  ATtiny24
ATtiny25  ATtiny25 Automotive  ATtiny26  ATtiny44
ATtiny45  ATtiny45 Automotive  ATtiny84  ATtiny85
ATtiny85 Automotive      

Page up-dated at 02 November, 2015

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