GPC® T168

General Purpose Controller

Transistors; 16 Inputs; 8 Outputs; 4 A/D, 1 D/A


GPC® T168 English Tech. Manual PDF format.

Ver.5.00 - Rel. 07 February 2001.

GPC® T168 board is a powerful low cost module, capable to work in autonomy as intelligent peripheral and/or as remote controlled device in a network of telecontrol and/or acquisition. It belongs to M Serie CPU cards, its size is 22.5x82x90 mm.
GPC® T168 board is provided with plastic container for direct mounting on standard Omega rails type DIN 46277-1 and DIN 46277-3. Thanks to the low cost of this CPU serie, it is possible to successfully solve, also all those small automation problems, which have a limited cost budget. Using the wide range of developing softwar tools, available for the GPC® T168 such as BASCOM 8051 or the very comfortable Intel Intel MCS BASIC-52 (download the English manual ) to use in match with BXC51, and so on, it is possible to complete the applications in a very short time and with minimum investments. The card is provided with comfortable connectors that simplify the connection with field signals, requiring no further modules and further cost. Moreover these connectors reduce times when possible up date and assistance phases must be performed.



The EXPS 2 module is a complete, low cost, switching power supply with extremely reduced dimension, that can be used in conjunction with grifo® cards as GPC® R94, GPC® T94, GPC® R63, GPC® T63, GPC® R168, GPC® T168, QTP 12/R84, etc. 




Connector KIT Set, 8 pins

8 Female pins + AMP plastic housing for QTP_03, etc..


 AMP8 Cable

AMP Cable Connector, 8 pins

1 m cable with 8 pins female AMP connector for QTP_03, etc..


W95/NT 8051-BASIC Compiler

BASCOM-8051© is a Windows BASIC COMPILER for the 8051 family It is designed to run on W95/NT and has all the features of BASCOM LT. In addition it has full support for arrays and the single floating point type.

µ C / 5 1

ANSI C Compiler for 8051

Develop high quality software for any 8051 in ANSI C. µC/51 comes with an incredible optimizing compiler, you can even write software in ANSI C on 8051's with 1kB of code memory! µC/51 is absolutely complete: user friendly multi file Editor, Compiler, Assembler, Downloader, Source
Level Debugger. You will not need anything else.


The LadderWORK Integrated Development Enviroment (IDE)

The picture below, represents the apperance of the program LadderWORK on your computer. LadderWORK has an integrated enviroment feature, allowing you to draw schematics, compile programs and upload code to PLC always working on the same window. The integrated enviroments are composed by several parts described below. 


Data Sheet GPC® T168, Rel. 00.12

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