GMM AM1284-R

grifo® Mini Module Atmel ATmega 1284P

It Doesn't Need Programmer.

Just the Serial Line.

The picture shows GMM AM1284-R that has the dimension of DIP40 integrated circuit. The GMM AM1284-R is equipped with Atmel ATmega1284P microcontroller.

GMM AM1284-R English Tech. Manual PDF format.

Ver. 5.20 - Rel. June 22, 2018.

GMM AM1284-R possible applications

  • Integrated system that can be used directly on the board developed by the user a macro component.
  • Smart intelligent nodes with local functionalities as PID algorithms for controlling temperatures, motors, valves, etc.
  • Teleacquisition and telecontrol on medium and low distances.
  • Home automation: lights turning ON/OFF, heating and cooling systems control, supervision of electric devices, security and acces control systems.
  • Car automation: lights turning ON/OFF, heating and cooling systems control, supervision of electric devices, anti-teft and acces control systems, functionality checks.
  • Didactics: GMM AM1284-R offers a very low cost to learn AVR Core, we have many starter kits options. For this purpose it is likewise interesting the GMM TST3 support card.
  • Whenever there is a short time to market: the user can see a prototype or even a ready product in one week.
  • Decentralized systems as robots, automation of production line machines, big factory automations.


  • Standard container with 40 pin male socket, dual in line, 100 mils pitch, 600 mils width.
  • Very small dimension: 20,8 x 61,5 x 16,3 mm.
  • Weight: 14 g.
  • 4 layers printed circuit to obtain best noisy resistance and best EMI performance.
  • No external programmer is needed as GMM AM1284-R is a grifo® ISP (In System Programming) Mini Module. FLASH of Micro is Programmable and Erasable by using serial line only.
  • Single power supply required +5Vdc 13-17mA.
  • Availability of power saving setting as idle mode and power down mode.
  • Atmel ATmega1284P microcontroller (AVR code compatibile) with 7,3728 MHz crystal.
  • 128K FLASH for code, 16K RAM for data, 4K EEPROM for data.
  • 8 A/D converter channels with 10 bits resolution, 20 µsec conversion time.
  • 2 Differential Channels With Programmable Gain at 1x, 10x, or 200x.
  • 2 Analog Comparator.
  • Real Time Clock capable to manage day, month, year, week day, hours, minutes, seconds and to generate periodic interrupts.
    • Maxim DS 1338 Real Time Clock .
    • 56b NV RAM
    • Driven by I2C BUS line.
  • A/D reference voltage available on connector.
  • 14 interrupt sources with 4 priority levels.
  • 3 Timers Counters up to 16 bits
  • 2 PCA channels up to 16 bits with PWM, compare, capture, etc. functionality.
  • Watch Dog section that protect the controlled system in any operating condition.
  • 32 digital I/O lines available on connector. Some of these lines have multiple functions.
  • 2 Hardware serial lines with programmable Baud Rate up to 115200 Baud, RS 232 buffered or at TTL level.
  • Transceiver MAX3222E, for RS 232 serial line, with ESD protection up to ±15KV.
  • JTAG (IEEE std. 1149.1 Compliant) Interface.
  • 8 configuration dip switches.
  • 2 status LED that shows the RUN or DEBUG selection or managed by software through digital I/O line.
  • Internal FLASH and EEPROM can be managed through In System Programming, or when the module is already mounted, by using the serial communication line.
  • Freeware software for PC, that supports the ISP programmation to dowload the generated code, inside on board FLASH.
  • Wide range of development tools as: Assembler (MCA-AVR); C compiler (ImmageCRAFT ICC-AVR, DDS Micro CAVR); BASIC compiler (BASCOM AVR); etc.
  • Long list of demo programs and use examples supplied under source form, duly remarked, for the available development tools.

The picture shows the test card GMM TST3 that mount a grifo® Mini Module type GMM AM1284-R


The picture shows grifo® Mini BLOCK GMB-HR168 that mount a grifo® Mini Module type GMM AM1284-R.


GMM TST2 witch mounted a grifo® Mini Module type GMM AM1284-R connected to an Atmel programmer type AVR ISP.

The Boot Loader program for grifo® Mini Module GMM AM1284-R type, allows to program the Mini Module through RS232 serial line only.
DOWNLOAD il Programma (Ver. 1.21 - 400 KByte).


 A C C E S S O R I E S


GMB- Housing, 8 Opto-In, 4 Relay

Housing Mini BLOCK Module witch 8 Opto-In and 4 Relay Outputs; Serial Line RS232 or TTL, RS422/485, Current Loop, CAN; Power Supply.

GAB H844

GAB- Housing, 8 Alalog-In, 4 Opto-In, 4 Relay

Housing Analog BLOCK Module witch 8 Analog-In ,4 Opto-In, 4 Relay Outputs; Serial Line RS232 or TTL, RS422/485, Current Loop;1 I2C BUS line, 1 Serial Line USB or CAN; Power Supply.


GMB - Housing, 16 Opto-In, 8 Relay

Housing Mini BLOCK Module witch 16 Opto-In and 8 Relay Outputs; Serial Line RS232 or TTL, RS422/485, Current Loop; Power Supply.



Low-Cost ATMEL ISP Programmer for Micros AVR.

USB Interface.



Connector KIT Set, 4 pins

4 Female pins + AMP plastic housing for GMB_HR84, etc..


 AMP8 Cable

AMP Cable Connector, 8 pins

1 m cable with 8 pins female AMP connector for QTP_03, etc..

EL 12

The EL 12 module is a complete, low cost, power supply with extremely reduced dimension, that can be used in conjunction with grifo® cards as SDI 02, QTP 12, QTP 16Big, QTP 16, QTP 22, QTP 24, QTP G28, etc.


Low-Cost ATMEL ISP Programmer for Micros AVR.

USB Interface.


W95/W95/NT AVR-BASIC Compiler

BASCOM-AVR is a Windows BASIC COMPILER for the AVR family. It is designed to run on W95/W98/NT

wpe1.jpg (4608 bytes)


ANSI C Compiler for AVR

ICC-AVR is Modern fast C Compiler with full support for the ANSI C language. NOT a micro-C or extended K&R C, but a robust ANSI C front end written from the ground up, which has been in use for over 10 years


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