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S-LOG English Tech. Manual PDF format.

Ver. 5.25 - Rel. 29 August 2010.

The S-LOG is a complete system that saves on memory cards the data received from serial communication lines, specifically designed for an industrial use and for a direct mounting on automatic machines. The accepted memory cards are the SD (Secure Digital) and the MMC (Multi Media Card), that are the ones actally provided of the best features concerning price, handling and reliability. The S-LOG is a complete peripheral device, capable to receive serial data from an external system with different formats and to write them on the listed memories supports. A list of proper commands allow to configure the S-LOG in order to be linked and used by a large number of installed devices and in order to satisfy many data logger applications.

The memory card is organized with FAT16 standard and it can be used by any personal computer, as an external removable disk. This really simplify the data transfer and use in fact each PC, provided of memory cards interface, can read, write, copy, open the available files, without any limits.

Some additional features as the presence of a Power Supply Section that acceppts a wide range input, a Plastic Container that speed up the installation and a Real Time Clock that adds a time reference to saved data, complete the product with an optimum price/performance ratio.

The S-LOG is the suitable component in all the applications where data must be saved, even in big quantity up to 2 GigaBytes maximum limit, by using a communication serial line that is normally provided by each automation and control systems, available on the market. Among the typical application we can remind the replacement of printers with serial interface, the logging of data transmitted by measure and analysis systems, the momorization of status, alarms, and other operating conditions, the logging of data exchanged on a serial line for a following inspection and searching, etc. In all the applications the memory card is removed from S-LOG and then used by any other system capable to manage the FAT16 standard: here the data can be processed, diplayed and registered in archives either by standard or dedicated programs.

The data saved on the memory card are exactly the same ones received from external system. When required the S-LOG can perform some autonomous operations on the saved data as: the partition of data on different files upon a tme basis, the addition of strings that help the data identifications, the addition of formatters that simplify the following data usage and the addition of current date and time in order to temporally collocate the data.

The serial communication with the external system can be established through an Asynchronous Line buffered in RS 232 or TTL or alternatively through an I2C BUS Synchronous Line. The selection of the used serial line and of the relative parameters is comfortably executed with a specific Configuration Modality, directly accessible to the final user.

Hardware features of S-LOG, complete of possible options, are listed below:

Typical Graphic Picture of data collected by S-LOG and worked out with EXCEL.

In order to simplify the use of S-LOG the grifo® has provided a list of functionalities and features that speed up the working setup of the final user. These general features, are summarized below:below:

S-LOG _Configuration - Configuration Program for S-LOG - Ver. 4.5 ( 5 MB )

The S-LOG firmware can be comfortably configured through its rich list of commands, as described in the following table:


Commands Summarazing Table


 Communication from external system to S-LOG

Communication from S-LOG
to external system

 Clear Errors



 Acquire Status


 general.status disk.status

 Get Versions


 hw.ver fw.ver

 Set RTC

  T dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss


 Get RTC


dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss 

Set Communication Line

 C com.line


Get Communication Line



Set Baud Rate

 R baud


Get Baud Rate



 Set Parity

P parity


 Get Parity



 Set Stop Bit

S stop


Get Stop Bit



Set Handshake

 H handshake


 Get Handshake



 Set Slave Address

 A sla.add


 Get Slave Address



 Set Communication Timeout

 O tout


 Set Communication Timeout



Set File

 F pathname


 Get File



Set Insert Action

 I action


 Get Insert Action



Set Group Time

 G time


 Get Group Time



 Set File Label

L label


  Get File Label



 Set Group Prefix

B prefix


  Get Group Prefix



 Set Group Suffix

E suffix


  Get Group Suffix



 Set File Duration

D duration


  Get File Duration



SL_DATA (Technical Sheet) - GAB H844 and S-LOG create a Data Logger that acquires both Analog and Digital lines from the field and stores data and time on a Secure Digital card.




Connector KIT Set, 4 pins

4 Female pins + AMP plastic housing for GMB_HR84, etc..


 AMP4 Cable

AMP Cable Connector, 4 pins

1 m cable with 4 pins female AMP connector for GMB_HR84, etc..



Connector KIT Set, 8 pins

8 Female pins + AMP plastic housing for QTP_03, etc..


 AMP8 Cable

AMP Cable Connector, 8 pins

1 m cable with 8 pins female AMP connector for QTP_03, etc..

 AMP4+AMP8 Cable

Cable Connector AMP 3+3 Vie

0,48 m cable with 3+3 pins female AMP connector for I2C BUS

EL 12

The EL 12 module is a complete, low cost, power supply with extremely reduced dimension, that can be used in conjunction with grifo® cards as SDI 02, QTP 12, QTP 16Big, QTP 16, QTP 22, QTP 24, QTP G28, etc.

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