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Secure Digital Interface 02 - Data Logger with GSM Modem

SL-Data GSM English Tech. Manual PDF format.

Ver. xxx - Rel. xxx.

Data Logger SL-Data GSM composed by GAB H844 that acquires both Analog and Digital lines from the field; SDI 02 capable to store data and time on a Secure Digital card and an GSM Modem.


SL-Data GSM is a product capable to acquire different types of signals supplied by the field, to save them on a removable memory card , like the SD (Secure Digital) and MMC (Multi Media Card) types and to transfer the logged data to an external system when required, through a wireless serial communication, on GSM network.
This product is the result of numerous experiences, collected in many years by grifo®, during the development of Data Logger applications. The equipment acquire and save different analog and digital signals in a simple, reliable and cheap manner. Moreover it allows to examine and/or process the saved information, later and in a different place, without reaching the istallation place.

The logged data are saved on the memory cards managed by SDI 02, that are the SD and MMC, with FAT16 format and they are aways available in order to ensure all data reliability in any working conditions.
The logged data can be moved to a PC, or any other external unit, through an asynchronous serial communication either on wired lines (RS 232, RS 422, Current Loop, analog modems, etc.) or wireless (GSM, GPRS, UMTS, etc. modems). The data are availbale under files with ASCII format and they are organized in order to be opened with EXCEL spread sheet. Then these data can be saved in different files, or they can be examined, processed, printed, arranged, registered, displayed on graphs, etc. according with user requirements.
Alternatively the same data can be easily moved with a simple extraction of the memory card and a following insertion on a PC provided of a standard multicards interface.

The SL-Data GSM is composed by a group of hardware, firmware and software. This division allow the customers to select two different working modalities:
A) Use the package directly, as it has been supplied, by taking advantage of the provided configurations in order to satisfy the application requirements.
B) Modify the programs Sources in order to change, or add, the new required functionalities.

The operative features, already available or to be added, of the SL-Data GSM are briefly described below.

  • Logging of analog signals supplied by temperature, pressure, humidity, flux, capacity, position, voltage, corrent, consumption, etc. transducers.
  • Logging of pulses signals supplied by position, flux, counter, frequency, rotation etc. transducers.
  • Closed loop controls that mantain the checked signals to a preset set point.
  • Alarm controls with periodic saving of their status.
  • Logging of digital input signals supplied by switches, selectors, proximities, allarms, stroke ends, etc.
  • Logging of digital output signals connected to valves, motors, power relays, actuators, hooters, lamps, etc.
  • TTL digital signals controller, either input or output, that can be connected to other electronic circuits, with saving of the same signals status.
  • Teleacquisition of the input signals on a long distance communication line, either wired or wireless.
  • Telecontrol of the available signals on a long distance communication line, either wired or wireless.
  • Etc.
  • The firmware and the software normally provided with SL-Data GSM acquire and save the analog and digital signals available on GAB H844, coupled with a selected Mini Module. The programs sources, supplied under specific requirements, are widely remarked, includes all the necessary Procedures and Data Structures and allows the user to develop his firmware and to satisfy his specific requirements. In this manner the SL-Data GSM considerably reduces the development time of data logger applications.

    The serial data transfer has been developed with the widely diffused electric communication protocols and it assume a sinple and effordable logic protocol that increase security and speed. Whenever different communication modalities become necessary, they can be easily implemented with a simple intervent on sources and used hardware.

    A comfortable configuration mode let the user arrange the SL-Data GSM for the application to develop. As an example, it defines the type of the connected signals, the acquisition time and mode, the features of the physic values acquired (engineering format), the current date and time, etc. Normally the configuration mode is used only one time before the installation of the complete system.

    One of the most important features of SL-Data GSM is that it is a ready to use product: the user is not forced to know the selected and used hardware. Thanks to the utility programs and the sources of the package, it is possible to set up, test and use the data logger in few hours.


    The most important features of SL-Data GSM are summarized in the following points. In order to simplify the description we define:
    - Acquisition Hw -> system dedicated to field signals connection (usually GAB Hxxx + Mini Module).
    - Saving Hw -> system dedicated to data saving (SDI 02: for details please read proper documentation).
    - Communication Hw -> system and accessories involved in data transfer (usually simple serial cables or a couple of GSM Modem).
    - Development PC -> personal computer dedicated to configuration and possible modification of firmware and software executed by other systems.
    - Data PC -> personal computer dedicated to communication, download and saving of logged data.

    For further information please refer to proper SL-Data GSM user's manual.


    - At least one SL-Data GSM hardware device.
    - A power supply source for the selected hardware device.
    - A PC provided of one RS 232 asynchronous serial line (COMx) and one multicards interface.
    - A 2 GBytes memory card.
    - Serial communication cables.

    A C C E S S O R I E S


     CKS AMP 4

    Connector KIT Set, 4 pins

    4 Female pins + AMP plastic housing for GMB_HR84, etc..


     AMP4 Cable

    AMP Cable Connector, 4 pins

    1 m cable with 4 pins female AMP connector for GMB_HR84, etc..


     CKS AMP 8

    Connector KIT Set, 8 pins

    8 Female pins + AMP plastic housing for QTP_03, etc..


     AMP8 Cable

    AMP Cable Connector, 8 pins

    1 m cable with 8 pins female AMP connector for QTP_03, etc..

     AMP4+AMP8 Cable

    Cable Connector AMP 3+3 Vie

    0,48 m cable with 3+3 pins female AMP connector for I2C BUS

    EL 12

    The EL 12 module is a complete, low cost, power supply with extremely reduced dimension, that can be used in conjunction with grifo® cards as SDI 02, QTP 12, QTP 16Big, QTP 16, QTP 22, QTP 24, QTP G28, etc.

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