KDS 42

Keyboard Display Support - 40 keys

KDS 42 is a complete user interface module, provided with 40 keys keyboard and visualization LED and, optionally, also with a fluorescent display FUTABA 40x1 or 40x2.
The card is designed to connect directly all boards in Industrial ABACO® listing provided with specific KDC section and specific parallel I/O section dedicated to management boards.
It is also provided with all holes and clamps essential to dock the omonymous panel in Policarbonate. This latter features the clamps for display FUTABA, the transparent window to view the display and a set of 40 keys divided in two groups:

Physical size of panel is designed for the front of a Rack 3HE x 84TE.
KDS 42
allows to solve most interfacing problems in a very practical way both for who has to make installation and for who has to write the management software.
Sholud the serigraph of metallic support panel not be satisfactory, it is possible to redesign it completely and replace the standard serigraph with the redesigned one.

Data Sheet KDS 42, Rel. 98.1

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