KDI F33 - KDI L33

Keyboard Display Interface Fluorescent 32 keys
Keyboard Display Interface LCD 32 keys

Keyboard Display card Photo.

The KDI F33 and KDI L33 are interesting interface cards, with 105x215 mm size, that solve the user interface problems in the industrial environments in a cheap and efficient way.
The card is composed by four indipendent sections: on board matrix keyboard acquisition, Fluorescent or LCD display management, buzzer for sound feed back production and 8 LEDs management for visual indications. All these sections are driven by two simple 8 bits parallel ports, at TTL level.
In this way all the card provided of at least 16 TTL digital I/O lines can be connected to KDI F33 and KDI L33 cards and then they can exchange data and information to the user by sofware.
The hardware structure of KDI F32 and KDI L32 has been develped to satisfy two important features: simplify the software management and reduce the number of used lines on the control card.
The keyboard configuration is simply defined by adding proper specialization labels under each key; in fact every keys has long motion, are for industrial applications and are provided of transparent removable cap. The card is provided complete of metallic support that can be fastly mounted in any racks, electric panels, containers, etc.

Data Sheet KDI x33, Rel. 95.5

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