Keyboard Display Interface Fluorescent FUTABA
Keyboard Display Interface LCD TOSHIBA

Photo of interface card for Fluorescent Display FUTABA.

KDI FF and KDI LT are remarkable support cards size 65x100 mm, to solve in an inexpensive and efficent way the problem of user interfacing in industrial sector.

The board is made of four indipendent sections that allow: to acquire an external matrix keyboard; to command a Fluorescent or LCD display; to generate sound feedback; and to manage 8 LEDs for visual signalations.

This kind of interfaces is managed through 2 parallel 8 bits TTL ports.

This allows all the cards provided with at least 16 I/O TTL signals to inteface KDI FF and KDI LT cards, solving the problem of data and information exchange with the user.

Hardware structure of KDI FF and KDI LT has been designed to simplify the board's software management and to minimize the number of lines used to drive it.

Photo of interface card for Display LCD TOSHIBA.

The card features the circuiitery to manage the four above described sections and one Buzzer; Keys, LEDs and Display must be mounted externally and connected through comfortable connectors with standard pin out.

The user can select the placing of all the user interface elements, without having to design any kind of electric interface, easing the overall system design.

The mechanical docking can be made in any postion, due to the card very reduced size, and has been esied by 4 docking holes.

Data Sheet KDI FF/LT, Rel. 95.5

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